Friday, October 20, 2006

The Power of Prayer

During last nights Mets-Cardinals games, I noticed more than a few fans appeared to be praying. Now if you believe in God, and believe that he created the earth and the universe and everything in it, why would you think that he would care about the outcome of a sporting event? Wouldn't God be busy with other stuff? I don't know like, creating another planet or universe or and another life form or something? No, no, you're right, he/she (I don't want to be politically incorrect when it comes to God. He/she might be reading this) clearly would take time to listen to your prayer about a baseball game.

If God had any kind of a sense of humor, he would listen to all the prayers and then make sure that the team with the most prayers lost. That would be kind of funny. Don't you think? Is anyone out there? Anyone, anyone? God?