Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Thanks, George

George Bush thinks that more troops are the answer in Iraq. I find that amazing because according to him, we won the war three years ago. Why then would we need to send in more troops? Although also according to him, Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, Iraq was an imminent threat to US security, Iraq had ties to the 9-11 bombers, Iraq had tried to secure material to make a nuclear bomb, US troops would be welcomed as liberators, and removing Saddam Hussein would help stabilize the region.

He has gone from mission accomplished, to we're winning the war, to we're not losing the war, to we're not winning the war. He still refuses to admit that we're actually losing. Since I wasn't around for the Vietnam war, I often wondered how the US could get bogged down in such a quagmire when it is pretty clear in hindsight that the war was un-winnable. I guess I should thank George Bush for the showing me in real time exactly how such a mistake is made.

2008 can't get here soon enough.