Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Rosebud, indeed

The AFI had their updated list of the 100 greatest American movies on TV tonight. Once again Citizen Kane held the #1 spot. I understand the significance of the movie and the fact that every shot is set up for a specific effect. In fact I find that slightly annoying. It's almost like someone showing off a huge diamond ring. It's always impressive, but it's also gaudy and totally uneccesary. That's Citizen Kane.

For my money the two greatest American movies are The Godfather and Lawrence of Arabia. The Godfather is perhaps the best screenplay that's ever been put on film. Lawrence of Arabia presents an epic story in an epic fashion. Perhaps no other film better demonstrates the possiblilites of film making. I've changed my opinion as to which is actually the best, but either would be a great choice.

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