Friday, March 28, 2008

Top Secret

There are a growing number of voices in the Democratic party that are calling for Hillary to get out of the race. Senator Leahy from Vermont added his voice to the growing chorus today. I personally have no problem with Hillary staying in the race until the last primary. In fact, I think she owes it to her many supporters to stay in the race as long as there is a chance that she might be able to win. That being said, her path to victory is becoming increasingly narrow.

The Clinton campaign is relying on one of two things to happen, either Obama self destructs before the convention, or the Super Delegates come the realization that she offers the best chance against McCain. They are both really the same thing. For the super delegates to switch en Masse to her side, Obama would have to have something come out that is so destructive that he can no longer be considered a viable candidate for the office of President. It would have to be so destructive that he might have to resign from the senate. I'm talking drugs, hookers, child prostitution, mental illness, beastiality sort of stuff. Barring that kind of catastrophic event, there is no way for her to win the nomination. She and her husband are smart enough to realize this, so their talk of a fight on the convention floor and pledged delegates switching sides, is a lot of nonsense. All of that is just talk to keep the press occupied while they wait for the BIG REVELATION about Barack Obama.

I'm actually starting to wonder myself if they know something that the rest of us don't. It's almost as if they are sitting around and waiting for someone in the press to come out with the story so that they can be the knight in shinning armor that saves the Democratic party from itself. If they are sitting on a story, they of course can't appear to be tied to its release in any way because that would drive her negatives up and would alienate a large chunk of African American voters who have pinned their hopes on Barack Obama. The Clinton campaign would have to bide its time until they could come out and say, "I told you so".

Of course the only reason I believe that this is even a possibility is because of the ease with which they denigrate Obama. I know that the Clinton's are a win at all cost kind of team, but I honestly can't think that they would prefer a Republican administration to a Democratic one. Even if that Democratic administration is led by Barack Obama. They have bent over backwards to praise John McCain to the detriment of Obama. Would they purposefully elevate the Republican nominee over their Democratic challenger if they didn't think that they would eventually win the nomination fairly? I am hoping that the answer to that question is no. I am hoping that the Clinton's are not really willing to sacrifice the party for their own personal gain. That's my hope, although no one has ever claimed that I was particularly perceptive.

I am willing to reserve judgment on the Clinton campaign while we wait for the other shoe to drop on Obama. If it does happen, she'll be able to say that she was aware of it all along, but didn't feel that it had any place in the campaign. She will be able to take the high road, while "saving" the party. She'd be Joan of Arc leading the French out of darkness, she'd be Margaret Thatcher, Indira Gandhi and Golda Meir all rolled into one. Sounds glorious, doesn't it? I'm sure it does to her as well.


Anonymous said...

Actally, Margret Thatcher would have kicked the sh*t out of Hillary. Hillary has a tendency to lean back on her heels, leaving her off balance. One of the "Iron Lady's" signature right crosses and Hillary would be down for the count.

Now, Golda Meir, she was a scrapper. A Hillary/Meir fight would be bloody and might even go the distance, assuming Hillary didn't bite an ear off.

DonaldD said...

Wouldn't it be interesting if something came out about the Clintons?...Another "depends on what is, is" and it would be game over. Isn't that more likely then an Obama implosion?
I do think the Clintons are like Tonya Harding. Their cause celebre isn't democrats winning this fall - it's that they MUST win or be seen to be winning. If Obama lost they would still appear the winner as in, well, see if you had voted for me.
Honestly I'm so sick of this game as a Canadian watcher, I'm at the breaking point of interest. I think Hilary learned something from her years in the White House - how to lie as well as her husband. 'Course maybe she taught him a thing or two in that regard.
For me, there were moments were my estimation of her would have increased - after the end of that debate where she shook Obama's hand and said that she, Obama and everything will be ok. If she had maintained that dignity I believe she had a chance to beat Obama especially by the time of the Wright controversy. But no, it was the 39 Faces of Eve by Monday. As good a liar as she is, even she can't control her "Eve's".
After she loses, she aught to head to the nearest shrink's couch. Have Bill foot the bill.

Anonymous said...

Yeah but Hillary strikes me as a biter. I give Margaret the first two rounds, but Hill will go the distance and finish her in 8. Remember, she landed under sniper fire, so she knows how to bob and weave.