Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Tree Falls in the Woods

Dennis Kucinich, the former Democratic presidential candidate from Ohio, has introduced a resolution on the floor of the Congress calling for the impeachment of President Bush. He introduced a similar resolution last year on the impeachment of the Vice President as well. That resolution was sent to the Judiciary committee, where no action has been taken. This resolution probably faces a similar fate.

First, I applaud Rep. Kucinich for having the integrity to stand up for something his fellow Congressman (except for Robert Wexler (D) from florida who has signed on to support the resolution) who are seemingly either unwilling or unable to do. When the Democrats recaptured the Congress and the Senate in the '06 elections, there was a lot of talk about investigations and oversight. However since taking power they have shown an absolute unwillingness to call this administration to task for any of the multitude of immoral and often times illegal activities that it has engaged in. Nancy Pelosi, who seems totally unaware of the Constitutional duties of the legislative branch of government, has already made the blanket statement that "impeachment is off the table". How exactly are you supposed to check the abuses of the executive branch, when the leader of the only body of government empowered to do so, gives up it's right to use it's most powerful tool? What does this President have to do to inspire real action in the Congress, get a blowjob in the Oval office?

Kucinich laid out a 35 count impeachment charge against the President that included things like illegal wiretapping, torture and lies that led up to our involvement in the Iraq war. His charges were read into the official record last night starting at 8pm to an empty chamber. C-Span was the only "network" to broadcast it. Try and search the NY Times today and see if there is any mention of it. The major networks? I don't think so. The Democrats have decided that they would rather have the Constitution trampled on, than try to put an end to the corruption and lawlessness of the Bush administration. In their calculation, an impeachment trail would only serve to embolden and mobilize the base of the Republican party and they would rather not risk losing any ground in the House or the Senate (in fact they are hoping to gain seats) over what they see as a lost cause.

By refusing to question the actions of this administration, the Congress has become a silent partner in everything that is being done. The Congress has also set a dangerous precedent for every other person who occupies the White House. According to this administration, the President is basically free to ignore any law he wants as long as it is "for the good of the country". The Presidency for all intents and purposes has been raised to the level of a dictator. Laws that are in place to protect the privacy of every citizen of this nation don't apply anymore. Laws that guarantee our right to trial or to counsel or to not being tortured, don't apply anymore. The President can now organize and execute a propaganda campaign that sends this country to war and kills hundreds of thousands of people based on suppressed evidence, manipulated evidence or absolutely fabricated evidence because the Congress says that it's fine with them. That is what Congress' refusal to use their oversight power means.

Sandy Jimenez, my co-contributor on this blog, has said many times that our elected officials are supposed be to willing to lose their next election in order to do what's right. Unfortunately, very few of our elected officials hold that opinion. Congress(men and women), basically start their reelection campaigns on the night they are elected to Congress. Their basic goal, during their two year term, is go raise enough money so that they can run their next campaign. They spend their entire term trying to do what the majority of their constituents want, but there is a big difference between what is politically expedient and what is right. I blame only the Democrats for this failure. The Republicans in Congress certainly are not going to try and bring charges against the President (I guess a Republican could, but we haven't seen that kind of political suicide since the Democrats gave away the south by passing Civil Rights legislation). The Democratic leadership promised a change when they came into office, but instead we have gotten more of the same. If anything, the Bush administration is even more emboldened than they previously were. They don't even try to hide their sins anymore. The Democrats in Congress have comprised the freedom and liberty of every citizen of this country so that they might win a bigger majority in both houses of Congress and win back the Presidency. The Democrats are playing politics to the detriment of every citizen of this country. Is it worth it? I for one don't think so.


Writing from Akron City said...

The mighty Dennis Kucinich.
Thanks for pointing out that this is what patriotism looks like Mr. Hew. This is what the love of your country means. This is what is meant by "America, love it or leave it."
Can't wait until W and his gang of thugs leaves the white house. Maybe I'll someday be able to get a job where I don't have to drive 30 miles everyday. I graduated college last year and there are no jobs that pay a living wage in our country anymore. I mean like "barely-get-by" money. I couldn't get an internship at a newspaper without practically driving out of state. Seriously, somebody tell me what the fuck is going on. Just about everybody's out of work that I went to school with at Northwestern U. Meanwhile people are trying to figure out how they can not for for a Black guy, who just happens to be the country's only way out of this ditch we dug for ourselves. Everybody's trying to figure out how they can not vote for a Black guy, and not admit that they're not voting for him because he's a black guy. I keep reading that the Europeans and Canadians are excited about Obama, which means they're as dim as we've always thought they were. Their countrymen wouldn't vote for a Black guy either, so who're they kidding. It's depressing beyond all reason. The guy's practically JFK reincarnated, pretty wife and all and he'll never get elected. I live in Ohio and I'm telling you it ain't happening. So here we are, in a backward ass universe. I belong to the first generation to get into a war that didn't help our economy. It just fuckin' crazy. Thanks president Bush. Thanks for the grand mess we're in, in all aspects of my life. I can't wait for the eventual documentaries on this eight year truck wreck that people still try and see the bright side of. --And to believe these jerks tried to end Social Security??? Yeah the stock markets are doing just great.
Please tell SJ to stop slacking and write more, the Captain America post just killed. I'll try and read you guys every weekend. I hope you guys aren't gonna be too tough on Tim Russert, now that he's gone, heart probably gave out from all the primary race excitement. Someday, when I've got more guts I'll log in with my own email.
Keep it up. I'm pretty much relying on you Mr. Hew and the Daily Show.

Michael Hew said...

Thanks for the comment Akron City. Our only goal here is to tell the truth as we see it. As with Rep. Kucinich, we hope that one voice speaking out against what we know is wrong, is better than none.

Sandy Jimenez said...

@writing from Akron city:
I'm glad you liked the Captain America post from months back. I'd take it easy on the Europeans and Canadians, many, many of them are friends and read these posts. Besides, they all have subsidized healthcare, so how dim can they be? Yes I've been slacking, and more like following Michael's lead. We talk a lot about the issues we cover on the blog and frankly, I've recently gotten so hot under the collar that my contributions were bordering on insane, incoherent rants. When I can meet the standards Michael has established by example on this blog, I'll contribute. It may take a while. Thanks for reading.

pattylou said...

Okay, so although late, I'd like to add a 'Canadian' view to this. Ohio, we love you. We love you even though you think we may be a 'dimlight' when it comes to discerning the best 'way out' for our American friends of the deep, deep, and I say again, deep hole they have dug themselves into politically. Trust me, we've been watching. 'Cause we've been affected. I don't believe that Canada is a Utopia - we have our issues. But I do believe we would vote for a Black man/woman - we already did have a woman as Prime Minister (Kim Campbell). No she wasn't voted in, and she didn't have an easy go of it, but she was there, and she was our PM. I'm not trying to make your heartfelt response to Hew's blog, about me (that would be very unCanadian); but I will say that despite your less than kind view of me, if you are needing a place to hang out for the weekend, or a good shoulder to cry on, or even just a friend to have a nice cold beer with - head North. We're waiting with open arms.

Writing from Akron City said...

man oh man, do I ever regret writing that line. To all Europeans, Canadians and fellow humans everywhere:
I am sorry.
You're not dim. But please try and understand the reality of this country and the fact that all the outside excitement is just frustrating to us. I live in Ohio, so I can't fool myself. All I can do is vote for the guy and try not to hang myself when McCain takes office. I'm white, I'm in a white town, so the historical importance of this election is not so much about a first black president, 'cause I really could care less, so much as it is about the next president who takes us out of the hell we are in. Eveybody knows that's Obama and yet there's another nightmare coming.
@Michael Hew-
thank you for your piece on Tim Russert... "Intellectual Collossus strolling hip deep through a sea of pikers and hacks"... man you guys are funny.