Friday, October 03, 2008

Because Kicking Americans in the Balls Is So Much Fun.

Congress has finally approved a taxpayer-funded bail out of the selfsame financial industry that has been ripping Americans off for years. So much for representation, suckers. Where are the Fiscal Conservatives? Where are the Democrats who begged for our votes and said they’d change the legislature into an arm of government that actually protected citizens?

This bill, which the President signed into law today, gives Henry Paulson $700 billion to purchase bad debt and mortgage-related securities that imperiled the financial companies and banks that bought them from other banks. You no longer have any say in the matter. You just have to pay for it, and Democrats made it happen.

It ran down like this:

172 Democrats and 91 Republicans supported the bill
108 Republicans and 68 Democrats opposed the bill
33 Democrats and 25 Republicans switched their votes from "no" to "yes"

"We have acted boldly to help prevent the crisis on Wall Street from becoming a crisis in communities across our country; our economy continues to face serious challenges." said President George W. Bush this afternoon.

Well fuck you too, Mr. President.

You wouldn’t know a challenge if it kicked you in your rich teeth... Mr. President, sometimes I want to quote you by spelling words as you might spell and pronounce them, which would be in the most fucked up way conceivable. But on days like today, I am content to let your idiotic understatements and parroting of the obvious stand on their own.

serious challenges"

Fuck you, George. Go cry to daddy about how you ruined the greatest nation on Earth in just eight years. Shit head.

I’ve always said that I’d support Conservatives when they actually acted like Conservatives, -in effect when they are: not wasting my time with moral majority tailored bullshit; reducing government size and actually driving spending down. I’m still waiting for them to start acting right.

Jeb Hensarling, the Republican congressman representing the 5th congressional district of Texas in the House asked "How can we have capitalism on the way up and socialism on the way down?!" in reference to the new law/bail out. It’s a good point. Now if Mr. Hensarling would stop his rabid opposition to legalized abortion, stem cell research, Gay marriage, and hate crimes legislation, he might have one more ardent supporter for his proposed “Spending Limit Amendment” to the Constitution which prohibits federal spending from growing faster than the economy in peace time. Too little, too late.

On September 26, 2008 David Brooks of The New York Times in paraphrasing Steven Pearlstein of the Washington Post said:

“…you can either punish Wall Street or you can stabilize Wall Street. You can't do both. We all want to punish Wall Street, but we just can't do it.”

Bullshit. I don’t think we’re trying hard enough.


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