Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Mayor Mike Needs to Stop Trippin’.

The Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg wants a third term as mayor according to the New York Times this morning. Rudolph Giuliani and Ed Koch support the idea (but of course they do, they’re former mayors). The funny thing is, when Giuliani tried it in ’01, Bloomberg told him to wise up and move on, but Mike Bloomberg’s own second and final term ends in 2009 and now he feels differently. The duplicitous implication being hinted at by his associates is that it’s for our sake, not his. Bloomberg’s thinking of the city first.

My, my… isn’t that nice.

I’m all aflutter at the thought that my mayor wants to seek an illegal third term just to continue being my mayor, positively swooning at the thought… oh wait hold on, that’s nausea. Sorry, but when I’m in trouble, financial or otherwise, the last person I think of is Billionaire Mike Bloomberg. I personally voted in favor of term limits both times. I guess Bloomberg doesn’t think my vote counts, or shouldn’t count when it bars him from doing something he wants to do. These are the ossified imperious attitudes of a 19th Century baron. If he goes around our backs to the City Council, he can effectively bypass the will of the people (that’s us) who’ve voted in favor of term limits twice in 1993 and in 1996.

Mayor Bloomberg once said that nobody is “indispensible” went it came to government. I agree, Mayor Bloomberg is a smart man and he should listen to the words coming out of his own mouth more often. He should also obey the law as agreed upon by the people.

This matter was settled twice. Bloomberg needs to go home in 2009.


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Michael Hew said...

Mike needs to pack up his shit and go home. When Guliani tried this, Bloomberg was the first one to say that everyone was replaceable. Apparently he meant everyone but him. The voters have spoken. Twice. They want term limits. Why on earth does Mike Bloomberg think that he's above the law?