Thursday, October 02, 2008

Note to Tina Fey: This Still Isn't Funny.

"We didn't expect anyone to treat [her] as a cream puff because she's a girl," said Senior McCain advisor Nicolle Wallace. Wallace went on to say: "I'm shocked personally at how brutal many of the women in the media have been."

...So Nicolle Wallace is shocked that Sarah Palin’s nomination is being so aggressively questioned and criticized but not shocked at the choice itself? This is profound self-delusion operating at its most refined and destructive level. Seriously. Even if I could, for a second, be gullible enough to believe that there’s anything behind choosing Sarah Palin besides her being a far right Conservative woman (If Hillary Clinton were still running for president we wouldn’t know who the hell she is because they would have gone with a Conservative man) I still couldn’t overlook the fact that she has no experience or relevant skills of value to an administration in the White House; it is in fact the latter that makes me realize the truth about the former.

No one can make the case that Sarah Palin was chosen for her intelligence, skills or experience. No one is fooled. Some say they believe she’s a good choice. But all they’re really doing is saying it; -no one can prove what they believe, we’re just expected to take their word for it.

I won’t take their word for it.

The nation can’t get by on what some people “want to believe” or “say they believe”.

Nicolle Wallace is shocked however. I guess she’s surprised to find that female journalists like Campbell Brown (a Republican) and others actually take their job seriously and didn’t give Governor Palin a pass. The McCain camp has made the most sexist ploy in national politics in modern times: they assumed getting any woman and standing her next to McCain would get female voters to cross the aisle. They are dangling a diametrically opposed (politically speaking) and intellectually inferior substitute like a carrot and assuming female voters and female journalists will just stupidly go for it, start clapping for her and let important questions go unanswered. If that’s not insulting the women of America, then nothing is.

It’s like the attempted appointment of Harriet Myers by President Bush all over again, except the stakes are higher, they are in fact as high as they can be.

I’ll say this again, and I'll direct it to all the RNC subsidized clowns linking their postings on Real Clear Politics and posting their paid opinions elsewhere on the internet:

Asking Sarah Palin, or anyone, direct questions about her experience and what she can do is only a “gotcha” question if she’s not able to answer it intelligently and commandingly.

Nicolle Wallace needs to stop whining.

If Sarah Palin were a strong choice for Vice President, she wouldn’t have to be shielded from real questions and the McCain camp wouldn’t get the chance to pretend they're victims of the media every time a journalist asks her a serious question.


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