Friday, October 03, 2008

Somehow Good Enough.

Look at that picture... They should just make out already. The debate between the VP candidates was a slow moving disappointment.

Her performance re-energizes the conservative base, Sarah Palin pierced the media’s low expectations.” said Nelson Warfield, a conservative Republican consultant.

How low do your expectations have to be in order for somebody like Sarah Palin to sneak by? Just because she didn’t make the same mistakes and show the same exact incompetency, ineptitude and ignorance that she did during her recent Katie Couric CBS News interview, doesn’t mean she’s now qualified to be John McCain’s Vice Presidential pick. She survived a public debate by acting “plucky”, “folksy” and not answering questions.

She answered direct questions with stories about herself. She answered simple questions about the economy, foreign policy and the future of the nation with bullshit.

Seriously America, this is it? This is going to fly? This is okay?
This goes beyond my own objections to the last eight years of nightmarish NeoCon rule.

There are standards for public office that have to be upheld: intelligence, wisdom, a practical awareness of legislative history, and a profound respect for our Constitution and rule of law. We just had the least qualified president in history serve for two terms. The most criminal and venal vice president in history was by his side the whole time. But the Republican Party insists on lowering the standard, burying it with each election cycle until it pops up in motherfuckin' China someday.

I’ll offer a frightening counterexample, J. Danforth Quayle, generally seen as the most embarrassing statesman of the last 25 years, is an infinitely superior politician and policy maker compared to Sarah Palin, -and no one would dare offer him up as a candidate after Lloyd Bentsen humiliated him with the mother-of-all cheap shots in the Vice Presidential debates in 1988. All Quayle did was spell badly and misspeak in public a lot. Shit, George W. Bush has been torpedoing the very concept and purpose of language 24/6 and twice on Sunday for eight years every single time he opens his fuckin' mouth.

“It’s not that bad” I heard over and over again on my subway ride into work this morning.

It certainly isn’t that bad, it’s worse.

The RNC clearly hates this country and doesn’t give a shit about Americans as long as they get "their guys" into office. Spending our tax money like feudal lords and skipping taxes is worth sinking the country and tanking the world's future to the Republican Party.

Oh, and in closing?

-Fuck you, Joe Biden.

You agree with Sarah Palin on opposing Gay Marriage?
You’re a coward and a sell-out. There's no way you can believe a word of what you said last night; your rehearsed liberal double-speak notwithstanding. It’s a ridiculous issue that I never want to hear about again because every time this asinine issue comes up, I feel like I'm being held hostage in my own country by bigots, fascists and hypocrits. The only answer to that question for any American who actually believes that is the land of the free is All people deserve the same dignity and respect and the right to the pursuit of happiness (or in the case of marriage misery) in the eyes of the law, but maybe America’s just not ready for that, maybe America still won’t vote for a candidate that wants to protect and enforce the rights of every single American, which is just embarrassing.
God bless America.

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