Sunday, October 05, 2008

Where is Hillary Clinton?

As Sarah Palin enjoys a veritable force field of popularity that allows her to get away with idiotic statements and recent claims like:
Obama voted in favor of higher taxes on “families” making as little as $42,000 a year. -He did not.
McCain's health care plan would be "budget-neutral," costing the government nothing. -It does not.
And now a pretty dangerous lie is coming out of the mouth of this winking, folksy idiot: Obama pals around with terrorists.
At a recent rally, Sarah Palin said she sees America as a place of “Exceptionalism” and that Barack Obama sees it as an imperfect place. Sarah Palin still doesn’t know what the word “Exceptionalism” means. You’d think someone would have told her after the recent Charlie Gibson interview when she seemed to think the Bush Doctrine was some sort of term paper she hadn’t read.

The American people are getting comfortable with the fact that Sarah Palin is of no use to this country. No one should ever be comfortable with a politician’s ignorance and stupidity.
Since we live in a country that thinks so little of women, and expects so little of women who are attractive, no one wants to treat Sarah Palin like a politician. No one wants to step up, correct, expose and humiliate this little rube. John McCain defends Sarah Palin proudly for, among other laughable qualifications, her experience as a member of her local school’s PTA. Please. She is not the nation’s kid sister, so stop the nonsense.

Sarah Palin is spreading some fascinating under-the-radar misinformation and defamation that sticks with voters who want to believe that someone they can relate to (which is code for White) would never lie to them, or worse would lie to them to protect them. It’s why we have eight years of a presidency so destructive that correcting its mistakes will be on the nation’s agenda for generations. It’s a presidency so radioactive that the Republican Party is doing all it can to distance itself from it. Sarah Palin is the RNC’s dangerous “hail Mary” pass, their desperate panicked attempt at connecting with the “common working man” (also code for white) who might once again vote against his own “economic interests” (this is code for sense and reason) just because someone can informally tell them everything is okay in a way they don’t have to think about it or question it.

Where is Hillary Clinton?

Didn’t she say she would do everything to put a Democrat in the White House? She could take care of this lying sneak in short order. If the Obama camp hasn’t asked for her help, they’d better start ringing her phone off the hook and start begging. Only one other American could point out the obvious truth about Sarah Palin and make it stick. Only one woman could tell the truth and not be called a bully. That woman is my Senator, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Hillary Clinton could walk right up and tell the Emperor that he has no clothes, or in this case, that Sarah Palin is an unqualified, inexperienced hack who has no business talking about patriotism since she’s married to a man who was a member of an Alaskan secessionist group for 7 years

…and America just might listen.

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