Sunday, December 21, 2008

Kevin Martin’s New Math

Will the FCC ever be an instrument that protects the people’s right to know, their ability to choose, to be informed?
The Rod Blagojevich nonsense and the very serious matter of our collapsing Auto manufacturing industry overshadowed an important series of revelations disclosed in a report from the House Energy and Commerce Committee on the ninth of December.
Apparently the Governor of Illinois isn’t the only public official that has been under investigation for some time. The House Energy and Commerce Committee started investigating Kevin Martin, the Bush Administration appointed FCC Chairman, back in January. Mr. Martin had been suspected and now stands accused of violating rules and abusing Federal Communications Commission procedures by suppressing reports and manipulating data to help him push through certain changes in regulation particularly in relation to proposals for his “A la Carte” pricing structures for cable subscribers.

Isn’t it time that the FCC Chairman was held accountable to the public directly?

I suggest that these latest allegations of criminal abuses of power are grounds for an amendment to make the FCC Chairman an elected official, if not by the public, then by the House and or Senate.
"The quicker Mr. Martin leaves the FCC, I think it is better for the telecommunications industry," said Representative Bart Stupak of Michigan, of the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations. It’s clear that this last champion of media consolidation and deregulation has done enough damage.

It’s time for him to go. I don’t want him quietly replaced by an Obama administration pick; I want him forcibly ejected from the office. Anything less is tacit approval of his actions.


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