Friday, January 16, 2009

Goodbye and Good Riddance.

The extent to which the Bush administration continues to fail and implode would be awe inspiring, -if we weren’t part of the wreckage.

How far can a public figure’s worth depreciate in a person’s estimation?
There appears to be no limit. As with the concept of “Absolute Zero,” you could keep infinitely parsing the increments and never actually hit the full, absolute, last degree. The longer George W. Bush is in office, and I mean every single second, he manages to do more harm, do more corrosive damage to our country and to us all.

Last night our president addressed the nation and made me feel much worse about his policies and his legacy than ever before. Last night, President George W. Bush lied about everything he had done, his motives and even lied about the inarguable, undeniable consequences of his policies.

It’s not as though President Bush began with a vote of confidence from me in 2000. I thought he was a fraud when I saw him in the primaries, and thought less of him after the debates when I heard more of what he actually had to say. I looked at him and saw a media figure that was in large part a creation of Karl Rove and the GOP. Let me be clear, certainly the man, a very public man, existed. There was an individual by the name of George W. Bush who had been Governor of Texas, part owner of the Rangers, etc., etc. But the candidate who the GOP put forth (over John McCain) to run against Al Gore was not “real.” George W. Bush was not:
a leader; a Conservative or a “compassionate Conservative;” an average American you could drink a beer with; folksy; tough; a veteran; a straight shooter; down to earth; or a business man. In short, he was an impostor.
He was a dangerous fraud of the worst kind.
The only thing President George W. Bush has done more frequently than make his friends and supporters rich, is lie to the American people. Last night, as if to cover any bases he might have missed, he recounted his eight-year career in office with some herculean omissions, and then lied and distorted openly and proudly regarding every single action he took with the exception of increasing aid to Africa.

This man was on vacation for almost an entire month leading up to 9/11.

Where do he and Dick Cheney get off telling us they did what needed to be done to keep us safe for eight years? Maybe if the eight years they’re talking about began on September 12, 2001, -but we all know they didn’t.

Who is George W. Bush to say that he is disappointed by anything? He is president of a country that refused to face reality. He is president of a country that has overlooked or ignored his every shortcoming, miscalculation, and criminal abuse of power. George W. Bush and his administration wrecked this country. They came in during a recession, and relaxed the energy regulations, the absence of which, allowed Enron to spiral out of control eight years ago. Now things are falling apart again. They are leaving the country in a recession.

The economy is collapsing. Jobless rates are climbing. We are in crippling financial indenture to Communist China. We are fighting two wars with no end in sight.

Today, even as this crooked administration rushes for the exit, new allegations erupt from all corners. The deepening extent of damage done to the Department of Justice continues to be revealed in ever uglier detail. But in what is perhaps among the most disrespectful and disgusting acts of corruption committed by this or any other administration, the Bush White House forced out career attorneys from the Civil Rights Division in the DOJ and replaced them with lawyers they chose only because of their Right-wing agendas. Glenn Fine, the Inspector General and H. Marshall Jarrett, Chief of the Office of Professional Responsibility at the DOJ have filed a report that states they hired “Right-Thinking Americans” like Federalist Society members for example, for cases being processed through THE CIVIL RIGHTS DIVISION OF THE DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE… It’s like putting Ku Klux Klan members in charge of a Black daycare center on the Southside of Chicago.

But it’s okay... last night George W. Bush said he knows you didn’t agree with all of his choices. I wonder if George W. Bush knows that nobody cares what he knows, or what he doesn’t know, or what he says he knows anymore?

Last night George W. Bush opened by congratulating the country, with a smile, on electing a Black man president of the United States. He has no right to congratulate the American people.
It’s like a car thief congratulating you on getting your car back.

George W. Bush’s attempted imperial reign was like a lot of things, not quite like any of the things he said last night, but like a lot of things to be sure. One thing the president and I can both agree on with regard to his presidency is this: It is over.
The bizarre eight-year twilight in which Americans pretended that having a rich, spoiled dummy with no diplomatic skill as our president was somehow acceptable, has ended.

Goodbye. Good riddance. Clear out.


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Jack Jodell said...

SJ, I love that fire and passion, and the obvious and genuine anguish you feel about what this charlatan has done to our country. I, too, am thoroughly disgusted not only with his incompetence, but his (and Cheney's, Rumsfeld's, Wolfowitz's, Bartlett's, Yoo's, and Gonzales') non-stop pathological lying. These idiots have destroyed the once-beautiful American ideal and have nearly destroyed our Constitution. Future historians will certainly refer to the first 8 years of this decade as "the age of lunacy" when America lost its senses. Beautiful post---too bad it had to be written.

SJ said...

Agreed. Horribly sad. I hope we're turning a corner.
Here's to brighter days, Jack.