Saturday, January 24, 2009

Nobody Likes a Bullshit Artist David.

Transcribed from PBS’ the News Hour commentary on President Obama's third day in office regarding "transparency"
Originally Aired January 23, 2009:

we've been overwhelmed by their transparency, I mean, whether it's pool reports or whatever else, everything that's done seems to be open and it's, frankly, getting tedious.

I don't know about that. I'm trying to figure out what's going on with the stimulus package. I can't get word one.

I couldn't disagree more. I mean, I think the stimulus package was a perfect example of this. Stimulus package -- the House Appropriations Committee put it up on the Web last Thursday. It was there for everybody to see, not simply Republicans, any citizen of the country. They didn't vote on it until Wednesday.I mean, that's precedent-shattering in this city. That isn't the way things are done.


David Brooks, you got “owned” on last night's News Hour by a kindly gentleman.
...A man who you are always joking is too old to still be doing his job.
You must be so very embarrassed.

I’ll offer an unsolicited word of advice to you and every other Conservative “analyst” out there, be they at Fox News or lying in wait at the Wall Street Journal: Concede the facts when you hear them. The days when “news analysts,” commentators and pundits could present their slants or opinions as fact are over.



Jack Jodell said...

Let's face it, SJ. These hardcore conservative types see the world through some sort of delusion cataract. They don't recognize transparency, openness, or honesty. They never practice it themselves, so there is no way possible for them to understand or even properly see it. All they really understand is cynicism, criticism, deception, and secrecy. Truth and fact just don't register with them. That is how they conduct their business and is all they can really comprehend. It explains how they can hate a genuinely good man like Barack Obama and can truly think Sarah Palin has vision and executive ability. UNBELIEVABLE!

SJ said...

Yep. As I've said before, we need real Conservatives and I see very few since President Ford's era who:

-don't spend like mad,
-don't put all policy decisions through a Christian/moral majority filter,
-don't want to march entire generations off to needless wars abroad,
-don't put the wealthy before the rest of the country etc.

Jack, we need Conservatives who can honestly partner with Progressives and come up with some dynamic solutions for our country. I mean, we can't all be Democrats and Liberals, but what alternative are pundits like Glenn Beck (who still maintains Global Warming isn't really happening) giving Americans? I'm a proud working class liberal but I don't think everyone in this country should have to be one in order for us to move forward.
Everytime David Brooks, who's very mild as far as idealogues go and doesn't always enage in this kind of nonsense, tells a bold faced lie (which is what Mark Shields caught him doing) it leaves our fellow Americans fewer options in their political life. The fact that people like Mike Bloomberg, Lincoln Chaffee, Christy Whitman, Chuck Hagel and others are not at home within their own party says something about the state of politics.
That being said, at least David Brooks admitted that Sarah Palin was a horrendous choice back in October. He just invokes a different definition of transparency when he needs to neautralize the efforts of a Democrat.
Thanks for the feedback, JJ, your blog kicks 7 different kinds of ass, keep it up.

Jack Jodell said...

Thanks, SJ, and I am in complete agreement with you that the type of conservative we have seen in this country since the late '70s is not the pricipled, thoughtful, or civil variety we have seen in previous eras. Tolerant, working-class, Harry Truman-type practical liberals like ourselves do indeed recognize that we need constructive and truly intellectual conservative input and influence from time to time since we do not always have all the answers. As you say, there are shamefully few Chuck Hagels, Christy Whitmans, Mike Bloombergs et al today. Regretfully, there is a severe overabundance of hateful, bigoted, arrogant, intolerant, paranoid, and not-quite-smart-enough Ann Coulters, Glenn Becks, Rush Limbaughs, and Bill O'Reillys, and they are doing NOTHING to build a better America! You are a very wise man, SJ. Keep it up!