Wednesday, January 07, 2009

To NBC: "Grow Some Balls."

Reality Frames the debate now.”
I must’ve been really high off that Obama victory, -baked in fact.
But before I go make myself a bowl of Frosted Flakes and zone out on my couch watching the Cartoon Network and ride the rest of this imaginary “post racial,” “post partisan” hallucination, I have to expose Ann Coulter’s latest so-called “controversy” for what it is: a publicity stunt.

Ann Coulter, who recently had to have her mouth wired shut in November after a fall is a self-confessed devoted admirer of Senator Joe McCarthy. Anyone who needs me to cite anything else to put her into perspective is as delusional as she is. I call her delusional because Ann Coulter is one of those special roving disasters on the airwaves and in print who thinks she is fooling everybody into thinking that she is part of a discussion in our American civic life. She continues to be a distraction from the issues that directly affect the lives of Americans. She is a distraction; like Brittany Spears’ vagina in a car doorway, like Lindsay Lohan’s drunk driving, or like Tara Reid’s boob popping out on the red carpet. Ann just praises Republicans a lot, and calls Democrats “Godless” or “faggots,” or “Godless faggots” or whatever.

Bitch please.”

Who is really taking Ann Coulter seriously? Actually no one when you think about it. There are a lot of people who share her grade school political perspective and pretend she’s making some kind of point to them once in a while, but they already agree with her opinions before they come out of her mouth or her pen(is). They buy her books to be entertained. I’d venture to say that not one person has ever been convinced to change a stance or reconsider a political position because of something Ann Coulter has said. That’s not because Ann Coulter isn’t smart or clever or funny, she’s actually all of those things…

-It’s because you can’t get to the truth with bullshit.

I’ve always thought Ann Coulter was at least smart enough to know, or self aware to the extent that her own “act” was knowingly opportunistic bullshit, but she may be crazy enough to think it’s going over everyone else’s heads. This may be crazy, but we must always remember crazy people can be very bold, more intrepid than sane people. It’s easy for crazy people; they don’t understand things like long term consequences. Ann Coulter has enormous balls and shameless drive for someone who is supposed to be a “Conservative thinker”… There was actually a time in history when that wasn’t an oxymoron, my friends.
Her latest reactionary publicity stunt, which she and Fox News are predictably characterizing as an act of Conservative rebellion went down like this:

Ann Coulter was supposed to appear on the Today show yesterday (ugh) to promote her new book “Guilty,” but just like Ben Affleck on the Jimmy Kimmel show, her appearance was “bumped” for other items and news.
That’s right, -NBC made a judgment call and decided there was other, more important shit going on in the world than a new book by a noted female impersonator (
sorry that was juvenile and cheap, but since she called John Edwards “a faggot”, she should appreciate the irony… maybe not). Ann Coulter accused NBC of caving into “Liberal” pressure from watchdog group Media Matters. She then ran around the table to complain to and get coverage from Matt Drudge and Sean Hannity, -you know those impeccably independent, agenda-less bastions of truth and fair reporting. NBC brought Ann Coulter back on the show this morning.

As well as this worked out for Ann Coulter, it isn’t genius on her part; it’s craven venal stupidity on NBC’s part.


Because they too directly benefit from the artificial stink and phony controversy she created, and they were willing to elevate her at the price of diluting the standards for: what is fair, what is serious, what is legitimate, what is important and that which is news, in a trade off for the possible additional viewers her appearance might garner.

Ann Coulter putting out a new book on why she thinks Americans should hate everyone that doesn’t agree with her isn’t “news”… it’s “weather” at best.

I have said repeatedly that Fox News is to news as the WWF (or WWE or whatever) is to major league sports… which is to say that while the former pretends to be the latter, it only entertains. So is the case with Ann Coulter. If you hate Liberals, are afraid of Progressives and Democrats, Ann Coulter is the celebrity for you. She is Roger Ailes' escaped raging Id, untethered by an official relationship with News Corp. She is the Paris Hilton of the on air pundit circuit. She’s the Ann Coulter of politics (clever huh?)

As for NBC?
Maybe all the feigned calls for the demise of the mainstream media by the Right wing should be taken at face value. After all, if they’re willing to play along and let themselves be handled by Anne Coulter, Matt Drudge and Sean Hannity, just to drum up interest in their own broadcasts at the expense of actual coverage, reporting and journalism, what use are they to Americans?

Bringing Ann Coulter back to the Today show was essentially the airing of a press release for her new book.
It was simple promotion.

Her new book is not news.

Neither is she.


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