Sunday, February 01, 2009

Georgia Congressman Apologizes to Fat Drug Addict and Radio Personality.

is the way the headlines should have read this past week.

College drop out and draft dodger Rush Limbaugh, -bent out of shape because someone in the Conservative mainstream actually had the decency to point out that he is the incarnation of the most irrational and illogical elements in political culture, received an apology from Congressman Gingrey of Georgia, a Republican.

Gringrey apologized for defending his Republican House colleagues in a direct and succinct rebuke of Rush Limbaugh and other Right wing pundits at large in the media… That act of sanity and integrity lasted about a few days.

Clearly Republicans don’t have the fortitude to stick with their convictions regarding the irrelevancy of a hypocrite like Rush Limbaugh. I don’t believe that Gringey, or Boehner or any of the emerging upfront faces of the Republican Party have any respect for Sean Hannity or his fellow college drop out Rush Limbaugh. If they have any intelligence, and they have plenty by the way, there is no way that they can do anything but fake praise and feign admiration for people like Rush Limbaugh.

Who is Gringrey kidding?

Gringrey told the truth about a group of inveterate liars in the media who place their love of money and power above their own country’s future every day on the airwaves. Gringrey attempted, for a day or two to take his party back. He told the truth. But Wednesday, after several calls from Limbaugh's listeners, Gringrey reversed himself and basically said these inflammatory on-air weathermen are the future of the party. I call them “weathermen” because like on-air meteorologists, they are repeatedly wrong and consistently lauded for their inaccuracies.

Rush Limbaugh is the Republican Party’s recent past.
-Not its intended future.

Rush Limbaugh has in no way ever reflected America as it was; he merely took advantage of the scared masses of suburban and rural folks wanting simple explanations and places to put their anger. Congressman Gringrey tried to communicate Limbaugh’s irrelevance simply and directly. Limbaugh’s listeners didn’t want to accept that their fat little god in the radio booth just isn’t that important… and if they’d have thought about it for a moment, they would have realized that Congressman Gringrey was trying to tell them; -all the listeners in Limbaugh’s audience- that it is they who have the power, it is they who are the party, it is they who send people like Gringrey himself to Washington.

Those listeners responded by telling Gringrey that they’d rather Rush Limbaugh have their power and influence instead. They’d rather relinquish those most precious of American rights: independent thought, individual opinion, the right to speak your mind.

The tail is wagging the dog again in America… and it’s a very myopic, backward, fraudulent tail at that.



Jack Jodell said...

That vile, mean-spirited, self-centered egomaniacal Limbaugh belongs in the toilet bowl and should be flushed down the drain with the shit he so closely resembles.

SJ said...

I thought I might have been too inflamatory with that headline, but in truth, I'm applying his own criteria for the characterizations.
For someone who has railed about drug addiction and is always ready to point the finger at people he identifies as "not taking responsibility for their actions" Rush Limbaugh sure violates his own standards with annoying frequency.

Jack Jodell said...

The guy is a gigantic hypocrite will no redeeming value whatsoever. Now THAT's pornography! :)