Thursday, February 26, 2009

They Really Think You Don’t Count.

They” being Washington's K Street community, the nation's lobbying groups.
They” were among the 52.4 million people who watched President Obama's first address to the Joint Session of Congress on Tuesday, according to Nielsen data. They did not like what they heard. Or maybe they were ecstatic…
after all, lobbyists only make money when their clients are nervous.

Big industry is always threatened by Progressive change. Big industry always attacks legislation that puts the individual American’s health above their own ability to exploit human beings. It was widely reported today, most notably in the Wall Street Journal that big industry like agriculture, health-care/pharma and coal mining are already drafting lobbying campaigns to stop the Obama administration’s initiatives.

Watch your TV closely. Watch for some egregious lies coming down in the next couple of months, maybe sooner, on behalf of the health-care industry.

The first step in the lobbyist’s big war against the hardworking people of the United States? The former chief executive of HCA, Richard Scott announced the creation of "Conservatives for Patients Rights.” He is backing this new special interest group with a $20,000,000 campaign to enact health-care legislation based on “free market” principles.

If a term like “free market” principles doesn’t sound like an oxymoron to you by now, you’re either filthy rich, or your diminishing fortunes have driven you hopelessly insane.

I won’t get into Agriculture and the predictably untrustworthy defense contractor lobby. Either of these industries would gladly promote a pointless war if it helped their bottom line.

Lobbyists really think you and I don’t count.

After all, they don’t work for America; they don’t work for you and me.
Lobbyists work for transnational industry.
They only respect our ability to call our Senators, our Congressmen, and they will lie and pay millions if not billions of dollars in media buys to deceive us. They will do anything to lull you into a state of doubt and confusion so that you will accept the things their clients sell you and forget about what you actually deserve, what you actually need.

But we know what the truth is.
We know health-care is our right. It should be standardized. It should be the best it can be. It should available to all regardless of region, class or creed.

Why do the English, the French, the Scandinavian countries, Cuba and even our northern neighbor Canada have something that we don’t?
Because health-care is big, big business. The health-care industry would rather Americans die slowly and go broke than have to get them the care they need when they need it. Your dollars matter more to the health-care industry than your life.
Never forget it.

I predict these will be among the first lies to come from the health-care industry lobby:

The lobbyists will say that Universal healthcare coverage will eliminate your choices:
How about the choice between no doctor… and no doctor? Which is the choice too many Americans have right now.

The lobbyists will say, the government can’t handle healthcare, it can’t do anything, the government used to run the Postal System.
The Postal System has been in operation for over a century. Without it, the supply chain of entire industries would fail. One of the Postal system’s biggest costs in fact… is health-care for its active employees and retirees.

The lobbyists will say that under a nationalized health-care system, treatment will be “rationed.”
Are you enjoying the portion you are getting now? Are you getting any? Are you enjoying the fair and equitable system under which you call and beg while making your way through labyrinthine voice mail systems built to exhaust you, so that you’ll give up on the reimbursements and coverage you are paying for?

The lobbyists think you don’t count, and they are betting on your ignorance or their ability to make you ignorant.

Prove them wrong by signing this petition today.


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Jack Jodell said...

We can always count on big-industry lobbyists, the biggest scumbags and prostitutes of Washington, to spread fear and disinformation about beneficial progressive legislation. These pukes are on par for vileness with all the parasites on Wall Street. We have 2 things going for us this time that we didn't in 1994 or 2000 though. One, the nation is angry and has had a bellyful of corporate domination of Congress, and WE WANT CHANGE NOW. Two, we finally have an honest and ethical President who won't cater to lobbyist slimeballs the way Bush did. This could FINALLY be the time for badly needed real reform, not the bullshit kind Sarah Palin and John McCain were trying to peddle.