Thursday, March 19, 2009

Glenn Beck Wants AIG to Keep All the Bonuses.

Glenn Beck, needs to stop crying, it’s disgusting. It didn’t work for John Boehner, so I hope he just cuts that shit out. I get it. So Glenn Beck is upset. Theatrically, vein neck-throbbingly troubled over what he characterizes as a disregard for the rule of law by Congress.
Yeah, I can’t stop laughing either.
Glenn Beck is suddenly upset about lack of respect for rule of law since Bush and Cheney blew town.

Glenn Beck (and not be outdone, brother blowhard in arms Rush Limbaugh) are calling the legislature’s blindingly fast response to the public anger over the 165 million dollars worth of AIG bonuses “mob rule” and “fake populist anger.”
Okay I’ve stopped laughing.

Glenn Beck says he doesn't like what AIG has done. But he calls what the Congress is doing about it “mob rule.” Bringing himself to call it “mob rule” instead of “legislation” or more broadly, “oversight” is what allows Glenn Beck to defend the thieves at AIG and cravenly protect their bonuses without looking like an out-and-out asshole at first glance.

We here at Random Thoughts love to take second looks at assholes… because that’s the only way you can tell you’re looking at an asshole.

Glenn Beck is an asshole.

Glenn Beck wants AIG to keep their bonuses. Glenn Beck thinks you me and everyone we know should just shut up and pay our taxes so these crooks can pay themselves for a job not done. Because Beck’s reasoning follows a strict code of conduct where Rich people are concerned: Bend over.
Glenn Beck is welcome to keep on taking the abuse.
But interestingly, this greedy little shill, who never met an overreaching unethical corporation he didn’t love, is suddenly okay with taxes and the waste thereof.

How is the Congress responding with record speed to its constituents concerns (But don’t forget 6 Democrats voted against the bill today, along with 87 Republicans –who the hell do they represent anyway?) mob rule?
Apparently, Beck has to then pretend to hate mob rule more than anything else in order to make his point.

Glenn Beck said yesterday: “The mob in Washington is getting everybody… They are attempting to void legally binding contracts... Our principles and our rule of law must trump the emotion of the day.”


As I’ve already said in my last post, and as has been established by just about every news organization except Fox News, the departments at AIG receiving these bonuses are responsible for the company’s overextension, peril and losses.
These executives who are receiving bonuses didn’t honor their contracts.

But Glenn Beck wants AIG to keep all the bonuses.

Glenn Beck thinks upholding someone else's contracts is more important than the American taxpayer.



Jack Jodell said...

Glenn Beck makes ME want to cry every time I see him because he is getting paid good money to repeatedly say insanely stupid things in that whiny little voice and present his solitary twisted viewpoint. Call for a straitjacket quick---the psycho-ward lunatic is out on the loose again endangering the American viewer and taxpayer!

Tyler Vincent said...

I don't even consider Glenn Beck a right wing blowhard. I honest-to-God think he is a mentally unstable person

SJ said...

@Jack, @Tyler-
Many thanks Gents,

point taken: it's a stretch on my part to associate Glenn Beck with anything concrete or any idealogy with principles and a history of its own.