Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tucker Carlson Is Disintegrating.

It must drive Tucker Carlson insane, that a comedian is grabbing headlines by doing what he himself and all the other so called “analysts,” whether they be on the Right or the Left are supposed to be doing on Cable news:
Exposing incompetence and factual inaccuracies in the news media, getting at the factual truth, irrespective of where it leads.
Jon Stewart is doing Tucker Carlson’s job, Bill O’Reilly’s job, and Rush Limbaugh’s job, -if their jobs are in fact what they claim their jobs are… alerting the American public to wrongdoing, corruption and separating the facts from political spin.

It’s never too early to be nostalgic.
Not for Tucker Carlson. He seems to pine for the days when everything was a matter of opinion, and nobody questioned you when you did something as cravenly pathetic as dismissing an unpleasant fact by claiming bias, or citing the shadowy Liberal media. Carlson seems to pine for the days when Republicans and Conservatives could avoid answering questions by simply accusing someone of being a Democrat or a Liberal.
Tucker Carlson is pining for the days before November 2008, otherwise why would he continue as usual?

Jon Stewart identified serious flaws and unethical behavior on the part of the financial news journalism business over the last two weeks. It wasn’t exactly ground breaking television. Stewart simply pointed out what people like Tucker Carlson were ignoring. It’s nothing that anybody with any sense didn’t already know anyway, to quote Dick Cheney: “So?”
Predictably, Tucker Carlson, (who has had his ass handed to him by Jon Stewart in the past,) took issue with the much covered face-off with Jim Kramer this past week and called Stewart a “Partisan Hack,” this morning which is by the way, the same term Jon Stewart used to describe Tucker Carlson a few years back on “Crossfire” to his face.

According to Tucker Carlson, Jon Stewart’s grilling of Jim Kramer is purely motivated by a supposed allegiance to the Obama Administration. According to Tucker Carlson, Jon Stewart’s vicious critique of CNBC’s financial reporting (with the exception of David Faber’s work) is motivated only by what Carlson alleges as Stewart’s “hostility” to the news network’s opposition to President Obama’s economic plans.

Actually, CNBC has not issued a statement that it in any way supports or opposes any plan by the Obama administration, so it’s a phony assertion on Tucker Carlson's part, or an unfounded opinion at best, calculated to create a fake motive for Jon Stewart whose criticism he is attempting to neutralize.

This morning Tucker Carlson called Jon Stewart a partisan hack, on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” show. But as is typical with “partisan hacks” like Tucker Carlson, he is in fact doing what he is accusing Jon Stewart of doing. Carlson is purposefully missing the point of the Kramer-Stewart title fight this week. Stewart’s interview of Kramer was a means to an end, and that end was a direct question for all of us to seek an answer to:

Jon Stewart is asking whose side is CNBC and the broader financial news industry on?
Specifically, does the financial news media serve the interests and needs of the viewers who rely on it for information, or the global investment industry it proclaims it covers?

Tucker Carlson isn’t doing his job.
He among many others, should have led the charge on skewering other news outlets and even his own at MSNBC, for their collusion, naïve credulity, ineptitude and unethical promotion of PR smokescreens that the ratings companies and the investment houses and corporations have been substituting in the place of information and fact.

Watching Carlson this morning was bearing witness to a sad time-lapsed disintegration of a formerly adroit commentator on screen. I didn’t necessarily agree with him in the past, but nonetheless respected his grasp of the facts and knowledge of history and legislation. This morning he degenerated into nonsensical babbling and taunting in an attempt to diminish the gravity of what happened this past week:

A comedian took on the responsibilities that journalists are too scared to live up to these days for fear of upsetting their corporate paymasters.

People like me, my collaborator on this blog, people like Jack Jodell, Manifesto Joe, and countless other unpaid, anonymous writers and thinkers are also doing Tucker Carlson’s job every day on the web.

We are speaking the truth to power.

It’s time Tucker Carlson stood up and started doing his job on behalf of the citizens of this country instead of attacking comedians for pointing out the truth and asking the questions he just doesn’t have the guts to ask.


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Jack Jodell said...

A humble thank you for the nice mention, SJ! You, too, speak truth to power and are therefore doing Tucker Carlson's job for him. Mr. Carlson has never really impressed me that much. Yes, he can debate and recite historical and political data, but it almost seems as though what he the background info of what he recites has never really sunk in. Otherwise, how could he possibly make some of the twisted judgments and statements he does? Carlson always struck me as a kind of yuppie college frat boy who can cram for the test and pass it, but that's all. Once out of sight, it's out of mind and he's back where he started. A kind of Chatsworth Osborne Junior, for those who remember the Dobie Gillis TV series. He belongs on a network like Fox "News" where spinning alternate reality takes precedence over reporting cold hard fact. One would have thought Tucker Carlson would have learned something from being booed down by the Hitler Youth Corps recently attending the CPAC rally. But no, his type never learns. Carlson went right back to Fox and picked up where he left off, parroting the latest GOP and far right talking points of the day. He has no credibility with me. "awwwwkkkk! Tucker want a cracker?"