Sunday, April 19, 2009

Liberal Democrats May Be Too Timid, But Working Class Republicans Are a Bunch of Suckers

On April 16th, generally acknowledged as the annual collective metaphysical hangover for our nation when sane people reflect on where they are in life, how much they are earning or what exactly are they getting for the third they lose every year to a government that never really tells them exactly how their money is being spent, thousands of people took to the streets. Poor and middle-class Americans all over the country, who probably have never protested anything in their lives, and in all likelihood have looked down upon every march they have ever heard of, got out and made themselves heard.

Excited? -Not so fast. I think you know where this is going if you’ve read a newspaper or watched a minute of television last week.

Americans were not protesting the off shoring of jobs, the lack of jobs, the abuses of the financial industry, the credit card industry’s strangle hold on the nation. No. They were protesting the Obama tax plan, which will lower taxes for all but the Rich, who incidentally, will simply be returned to their pre-George W. Bush-era tax rates when Bill Clinton inexplicably gave them a tax break of 8 cents on every dollar (The average American loses 30 cents on every dollar, the Rich on average only lose about 15 cents to taxes on every dollar. The Obama Tax plan’s adjustments wipe away the George W. Bush tax cut of 6 cents off every dollar for the Rich; meaning they still pay less than you at 21 cents on the dollar. That’s America. Deal with it.

The Americans who took to the streets were not protesting this inequity.

Thousands of Americans, largely Republicans if the news footage on Fox News, MSNBC and CNN is to be trusted, are protesting the mere act of paying taxes during the tenure of an administration they didn’t vote for out of fear. Remember, the tax plan hasn’t gone into effect yet, in fact it could stall with all the lying and intentional disinformation being pushed on those infamous “Low Information Voters” identified in the last election cycle. Interestingly, there are no reports of police actions like the ones that always follow protests for anti-war causes, or anything remotely anti-establishment. That’s because these “Tea Baggers” (a name so ridiculous and comically fraught with undermining sexual innuendo you really have to question the basic intelligence of these protesters and the popular leaders of the Right and its punditry as a whole) are nothing more than a bunch of unwitting sellouts.


In invoking the Boston Tea Party, the presumption being put forth as fact, is that Americans are being taxed without representation. This is retarded: Americans are paying taxes right now according to the Bush policies, since we just filed for 2008.

How working people and the middle class have been manipulated into voting Republican, specifically the post Reagan era of Republicanism is one of the more baffling developments of the last 25 years. I know that the only way you can get people to vote against their own interests is to first confuse or obscure the central issues of the day, and then lie, and lie huge.

Defeating the proposed Obama Tax Plan will only allow Rich people to keep more of their money and pay less of their share.

But the misappropriation of a defining moment in our nation’s history like the Boston Tea Party hasn’t been the only nonsense inspired by the elitist’s panic over the Obama tax plan. The Governor of Texas, Republican Rick Perry, decided to express sympathy with Texans who advocate secession last week.
Democratic Representative Jim Dunnam of the Texas House had this to say in response:

“Talk of secession is an attack on our country, it’s the ultimate anti-American statement.”

Amen, Mr. Dunnam.
Our costliest war was fought on our own soil, against ourselves to keep the Union together under one rule of law.

If Governor Perry, Michelle Bachmann or any other wack job advocates secession, revolution or any variant thereof, I’m calling my representatives in government and requesting they send in the National Guard.

How's that for a Liberal?

And by the way, somebody tell me what the hell is wrong with Penn Jillette?



Jack Jodell said...

You nailed it on many levels this time, SJ! Great job! The conservatives and Republicans have indeed lied repeatedly to confuse and manipulate the public and win elections. Concentrated capital (the "economic royalists", as FDR used to call them), has bought controlling interest in our government and media and has been largely successful in brainwashing the public. Today's scenario is not "taxation without representation". Rather, it is "taxation with misrepresentation" or "taxation with underrepresentation." For the monied interests are well represented in, and well cared for by, government. It is a difficult struggle, but growing numbers of us; you, Michael, I, and many others, are slowly but surely beginning to sink into the thick skulls of some of the misled. For this reason, our seemingly long, lonely struggle in support of reason and fairness must continue. It WILL prevail, so keep up the good work!

SJ said...
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SJ said...

many thanks. It's hard to believe working people and the poor are still falling for this nonsense, throwing in their fortunes with the wealthy who think they shouldn't pay the same percentage as the rest of the country.