Sunday, June 14, 2009

March of the Plastic Soldiers Part 3

"We don't retract anything we do here because we never lie and make things up on this program" –Rush Limbaugh, 2005

Dear God in heaven, it is fun reading Blog posts by Rush Limbaugh’s listeners who try to defend him as an actual... well what is he? He’s not a journalist; he’s not a policymaker. Oh that’s right, he’s the de facto head of the GOP. Rush Limbaugh must be the true Chairman of the RNC, since Michael Steele answers to him directly when he’s offended. So I guess they have to defend this compulsive liar no matter what.

I don’t use the word “liar” freely or without cause.
I think it’s a serious judgment to make about someone so I am presenting some of the more recent fantasies promoted on Limbaugh’s talk radio show. I am sticking to lies broadcast by this Right wing propagandist after 2005. This way, it’s easy to highlight the biggest lie Limbaugh tells daily, that he’s not a liar per the quote from him above.
What the hell, we’ll just stick to June 2009 or this post will never end:

This alleged Oxycontin trafficker and confirmed Oxycontin drug abuser said on June 12, 2009 that 88-year-old Holocaust museum shooter James Von Brunn is a “Left wing” extremist and a “Liberal” who was pushed over the edge by the “climate” of "hate" produced by President Barack Obama and the Democratic party…
This one’s a pretty obvious instance of lying by Limbaugh.
It’s not an opinion. It’s not a personal perspective.

This is a lie

Von Brunn, who killed security guard Stephen Johns and injured others, is a life-long anti-government, White Supremacist. -Period. Von Brunn is a member of the Extremist Far Right community in America that our Department of Homeland security warned us about in a recent special report. You know, that report Conservatives like Peter King of New York and Fox News got so touchy and defensive about. I guess Peter King and Rush Limbaugh have something to be touchy about after all, eh?

Read it for yourself and make up your own mind by clicking here:

Also on June 12, Limbaugh said that President Obama is taking credit for the election results in Lebanon and the heated debate regarding the elections in Iran.
Neither the President of the United States, nor anyone in his administration has said any such thing.

Limbaugh is a liar

Limbaugh went on to make remarks about President Obama’s dangerous narcissistic “complex.” While it’s an opinion, it’s an opinion informed by Limbaugh’s very own lies about our President. Curiously, I don’t hear anyone calling this fat blowhard unpatriotic for lying about the President of the United States.

On June 9, Limbaugh claimed that President Obama is going to be redistributing money from the private sector to unions and civil rights coalitions.

Another lie

My favorite lie of all of Limbaugh’s nonsensical babbling in these first 100 hundred days is the Obama recession fantasy from June 9:
Obama "did not inherit a mess. He has created one"
I won’t even dignify this ridiculous lie with analysis. Obama has surely inherited a mess; he inherited a country that was mismanaged by Republicans into a horrid state of weakness and potential insolvency not seen since the Great Depression.
He has inherited another mess as well, a country with too many fat little rich men in booths broadcasting lies. The President has come to power in a country with too many establishment sycophants like Limbaugh who seem to want corporations to continue their stranglehold on people who work for a living. Otherwise why would they listen to a man who defends everything that has gone wrong for the last 30 years and speaks of the last eight with reverence and pride?

That’s Rush Limbaugh to the core; selling out working Americans every day he’s on the air.

I tried to give a broader survey of Limbaugh’s lying but I failed. There is so much already in this current month of June alone, mostly focused on the Obama administration that I didn’t get very far. But I guess that’s the point isn’t it?

Rush Limbaugh is the emerging leader of the GOP and unlike the majority of Republicans in government; all this man does is lie.

He lies daily. He lies for a living.

Anyone who tunes into this liar has to really ask themselves if they truly love their country. These listeners and self-proclaimed "ditto heads" should ask themselves who’s responsible, now that they have to listen to Rush Limbaugh at home, instead of during their lunch break or their drive back to their houses from the job they no longer have.

The answer, like the subject of this post, is simply stomach churning for Republicans who bought into the fantasy of Reaganomics and the last eight years under George W. Bush.



Jack Jodell said...

Rush Limbaugh is a demented extremist's superhero. The guy has even LESS integrity than a back room National Enquirer writer, because even the Enquirer gets the story right or tells the truth ONCE in a while! Limbaugh is the nerdy kid who had no friends in school and was constantly picked on, and now he's making the whole world pay with his big, blabbery mouth and vicious snarls. Just like Ann Coulter, he makes outrageously false statements just to get attention, which his mammothly oversized ego craves even more than his body does Oxycontin. The best thing all of us rational people can do is to treat Limbaugh like we would any immature, attention-seeking big bully: by completely ignoring him. For his absolutely petrifying worst fear of all is to fall on deaf ears and get no attention at all. And we rational types don't address that which we don't hear, now, do we? Let's see---Rush? Rush WHO? Sorry, don't know the idiot.

That the GOP gets talking points from HIM and regards him as a valued member of their wretched little party shows the irretrievably low depravity to which the Republican Party has sunk.

Mycue23 said...

Amazingly, Rush is still pushing the story that Obama doesn't have a birth certificate. He and his kind are still trying their best to delegitimize and demonize Obama. It is the atmosphere is distrust and hate that spurns idiots like Von Brunn into action. They will not rest until some nut out there tries to take some action against the President himself. Of course they will then claim that they had nothing to do with it. It is sickening.

SJ said...

Limbaugh's about as illegitimate a voice as can be imagined, yet many will listen out of pure desperation.
I just heard someone repeat the birth certificate nonsense yesterday when I was at the supermarket. Unbelievable.

Gwendolyn H. Barry said...

yep. he's a liar... and it's really just small, vocal, really freaking stupid segment of the population that believes his lies. Not everyone who listens to him, believes him. I can't listen....
I've got touchy blood pressure issues...lmfao

I resonate with all of these Plastic Soldier pieces'. Nice work SJ.

SJ said...

my blood pressure's awfully high as well, as is the whole country's.
Thanks for the kind words. The final installment is coming in a few minutes.