Sunday, June 14, 2009

March of the Plastic Soldiers Part 4

Ever get into an argument with a liar who won’t even stay on the point? If you haven’t or need your memory jogged, search online for any and I mean any complete transcripts of Glenn Beck’s radio broadcasts or FNC shows.

Glenn Beck is what we used to call a “bullshit artist” back in the old days when we actually called things what they were, and not what we wanted them to be. This stand-up comedian is being identified and marketed as a news analyst (A cowardly moniker the sponsors and producers of the Right wing TV punditry use to steer clear of having to deal in facts like broadcast journalists are compelled to.)

Of all the dim-witted sophomoric and pretentious notions this particular Fox fat head has floated out to the public, the 9/12 Project is among the most cheap and self-serving.

I live in Manhattan.
I lived in Manhattan on 9/11. I still live and work here among some of the most high priority targets for terrorists. Only an idiot, only an absolute jackass like Beck who experienced the 9/11 terrorist attacks through the TV would want to return to the day after it happened.

Maybe he’d have an idea, an inkling of how terrible a day Wednesday was if he had to argue with a cop who wouldn’t let you below 14th street and watch him burst into tears like a baby, gripping your shoulder, his knees buckling, begging you to please not give him a hard time.

Maybe Glenn Beck would have a clue if he walked into a bar like the Blind Tiger in lower Manhattan a week later only to find many of the regulars, good hardworking people, missing, only to wonder if they were among the dead, and then to find out in the New York Times’ heart breaking obituary section devoted to the attacks, that they in fact were.


Glenn Beck doesn’t mean that ugly part of Wednesday September 12, 2001? Well I guess that smiling sanctimonious idiot doesn’t realize that they go together with his fantasies of dust-covered New Yorkers running for their lives. Maybe he’d know that if he’d actually been here in New York City when it happened. Maybe if he’d been here on Wednesday frantically calling friends to see if anybody was still missing he’d know what he was talking about. Maybe he’d have an idea just how horrible Wednesday was when MNN public access channels aired shows of amateur producer’s programs, with superimpositions that read “MISSING, PLEASE CALL.”

Maybe if he’d heard then Mayor Rudolf Giuliani on the radio calling for calm, pleading with New Yorkers to not give in to mob violence and to not go after Arab Americans maybe then he’d know just how stupid his 9/12 Project sounds to me.

Of all the punditry cashing in on the people’s fear and ignorance, Glenn Beck might be among the worst. This buffoon does it with a smile. This idiot proclaims he doesn’t know anything. But he talks on, misinforming people, lying along with the rest of them about things he often says he doesn’t understand, like the economy and climate change.

Frankly, I don’t see the charm.
Conservatives should expect more from their entertainment.



Jack Jodell said...

"Dope" is the perfect description for this deluded liar. "Buffoon" would be another. His calculated crying jags on national TV (there have been several of them) and his quick support of Limbaugh's ridiculous claim that von Brunn was a leftist who acted in response to leftist hate campaigns shows that Glenn Beck is a very unbalanced little boy. Just another example of how the GOP is devolving into a mass of primitive, amoebic slime.

SJ said...

I actually forgot about all the crying on TV. Jeez. Who are these guys kidding.