Thursday, September 10, 2009

Oh, There’s Still Plenty of Time for Games Mr. President…

Especially when the opposition to your proposed Health Care reforms and overhaul is the same party that tried to get the last Democrat holding your office impeached over a blow job or some such nonsense a little over ten years ago. Don’t be naive Mr. President, even a pointless argument can run down the clock, particularly when your opponents are behaving like a throng of morons because they’ve exhausted all pretense of cogent disagreement.

Yes my friends, last night was a doozy of an oratorio from the President of the United States. It is mind-blowing when we soberly consider what we had to put up with in the way of a Commander-in-Chief for eight long years. Strange how although George W. Bush was repeatedly caught in obvious lies, especially concerning the run up to the war in Iraq, nobody ever called him a liar to his face, no one ever shouted it out during a press conference, and it was certainly never yelled out from a crowd while he was making a speech on Capitol hill, -if we can call the sad bumbling mutterances of George W. Bush speech making at all. Anybody shouting anything at George W. Bush would have been promptly bum rushed and hand cuffed, despite the fact that it would not have been a false accusation to call the man a liar.

-Don’t tase me bro, indeed.

Representative Joe Wilson, a Republican from South Carolina decided he not only disagreed with the President, but that last night was all about him and his theatrical self-righteous anger. In shouting "You lie!" all Mr. Wilson did was accuse President Obama of doing what he and his party is actually doing. Mr. Wilson has lied repeatedly, promoting phantom items in the Health Care bills that simply do not exist: coverage for illegal immigrants, death panels, et cetera, et cetera.

Our President may not have any more time for games, but the Republicans have all the time in the world for games, for nonsense, and for obstruction. It’s the only way to protect the status quo they love so dearly and profit from so greatly. The Republicans want to protect Health Care Insurance companies from the people of the United States.

Simply put: The GOP’s goal is to protect the Health Care industry's profits.

Does anyone need to be convinced that the GOP is not going to support reform in any way? Does anyone need to look at history again to see how consistently Conservatives and free markets proponents always fight progress and stone wall anything that helps individual Americans as a population? If you do, read Jack Jodell’s recent excellent post for a mind-bending refresher.

The GOP is at it again, but this time suggesting:
On that goal (-lowering the cost of health care), Republicans are ready, and we've been ready to work with the president for common-sense reforms that our nation can afford.” in the words of Representative Charles Boustany of Louisiana’s 7th District in response to the President’s address last night.

This is bullshit of the worst kind.

Republicans had controlling majorities of the House and the Senate for much of the 1990s, and they did not bring up the subject of healthcare, -in fact, they fought it tooth, nail and hoof when President Clinton proposed it, successfully delaying and burying it, until now.

The GOP only seems to care about costs when a government program is not lining the pockets of their corporate supporters. Republicans only care about costs when a program or law might compete with that profit hungry base of theirs represented by industrial lobbyists.

Remember the “no bid” contracts awarded to Dick Cheney’s friends for the War in Iraq? We’re running up that particular tab every single day, month, and year. I don’t hear one Republican calling that out as a concern. The “no bid” contracts were not bad business or acts of fiscal irresponsibility; they were crimes of theft. Instead, Joe Wilson of South Carolina and his cabal of whores in the Congress are mobilizing to fight against insuring 50 million Americans because of what it might cost.

The GOP will continue to use double talk and lies to protect their beloved Health Care industry. You heard it yourself last night, you saw it on the faces of all those Congressmen, some sitting with hastily scrawled paper signs, ready to protest the very idea of medical coverage for all Americans… -other than themselves that is. These games the Republican Party plays with American lives will not end, not abroad on the streets of Kabul, not in downtown in Peoria, and not outside my window here in New York City.



Jack Jodell said...

Superbly well put, SJ, and thank you for the nice mention. Joe Wilson personnifies the downright ugly personality and nature of today's far right Republican Party. They are not only thoroughly self-centered, dishonest, and hypocritical, but are also ignorant, stubborn, irrational, intolerant, uncooperative, and anti-intellectual as well. Their persona is that of a spoiled crybaby in the midst of a temper tantrum. They have little of substance to offer this country at this point in its history. They are, quite fundamentally, hateful, antisocial elements.

The current pathetic batch of congressional Republicans is hardly a role model or example of good government or even good citizenship. These people are not earning their generous paychecks or benefits, and are a waste of taxpayer money! They should be replaced en masse and in a hurry.

SJ said...

It's interesting how supporters of Republicans can just pretend they don't see a 180 degree turn in their treatment of the president and their posture toward the very idea of government, --simply because they're not in charge anymore.

As for Joe Wilson in particular, my issue with his outburst is that he is in fact the liar. I wish a Democrat had called George W. Bush a liar at anytime, for any one of his numerous lies.
Frankly, you and I already know Joe Wilson doesn't respect Black people as a whole, he has a long career of it so why would he suddenly conduct himself in a decent manner just because a Black man happens to be the President of the United States.

Why would Joe Wilson shout the truth?

Joe Wilson is trying to stop HealthCare Reform, which is a greater show of disrespect for the Anmerican people than heckling the President.

The President can take it.
We shouldn't.