Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot...

But honestly, I don't think that he should be denied the right to be an owner of an NFL team. Rush is constantly pushing the envelope in his commentary every day, but let's face it, he's basically an entertainer at this point. He has an audience to entertain and he does an amazing job of keeping their attention with just talk. I would hate to think that we've reached a point in this country when expressing your views, however unpopular, would mean that you no longer have the right to take part in a free market enterprise. I probably haven't agreed with anything I've heard Rush say for the past 20 years, but if he wants to own an NFL team, a NBA team, a MLB team or an NHL team, I say more power to him.

I think we on the left should be branded hypocrites if we said nothing on this matter. I don't like what Rush has to say, but damn it, he has every right to say it. Let's not start handing out scarlet letters to people we don't agree with. What should we deny Rush next? The right to buy a car dealership? The right to buy his groceries at Wal-Mart? And why should we just stop at Rush? Perhaps everyone on Fox News should have the same restrictions placed on them. I know Rush is a pretty vile person. I personally can't stand the guy, but I'm not willing to say what he should and shouldn't be able to do with his money.

I know this will probably be a pretty unpopular post, but I'm standing on principle here. Rush should be able to buy a football team if he wants one. Of course the players can refuse to play for him if they want to. The fans can refuse to show up to the games if they want to and the networks can refuse to cover the games if they want to.


MadMike said...

The only reason he is being denied ownership of the Rams is because of his outright racism. He has, time and again, uttered racial slurs directed at blacks, and football players in particular. I can understand how the players would question his loyalty to their team should he be allowed to buy them.

SJ said...

@Mad Mike,
I agree with Mycue. (although I have to point out Rush is not just an entertainer sadly, several Congressmen and the head of the RNC have had to apologize to this talk-radio jackass everytime they step beyond whatever line he draws on the gound)

Rush has every right to be whatever he may be, a demagogue, a bigot, even a liar*. -We conversely have every right to point those things out and torture him over it. NFL players have every right (depending on their contracts) to not comply with Rush's influence or they can request to leave an organization through the proper channels. -But realistically; since when have any Sports figures had a say in who owns their team and signs their checks?

For that matter fans can stop buying tickets to Saint Louis Rams games. Not much of a choice if you live in Saint Louis, I understand.

I think Rush Limbaugh is a blight on public discourse and American political life, but he has every right to buy into something, even something as big and high-profile as an NFL football team. It's simply not an ability or choice anybody should be able to take away from him.
Because this is still America, and at times I'm only convinced it is still so when I know that things I disagree or don't like are possible because they are held as rights for all.


*Rush has every right to lie while he's walking down the street--BUT as soon as his microphone goes on, his right to lie can no longer be covered by the first amendment or doctrines of universal free speech.

SJ said...


Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

The players (those who actually bleed for the sport) have spoken. Rush clearly needs to move along here.

Mycue23 said...

The Rams were once owned by Georgia Frontiere whose husband (allegedly) got most of his money from dealings with the mob. The players didn't seem to care where their money came from then. I have no doubt that the among the owners of major sports teams in this country are child molestors, wife beaters, alcoholics, drug abusers, racists, etc, etc. I'm sure the same situation exists among the players. I'm just wary of where we draw the line with this sort of stuff. Today it's Rush, tomorrow it's Keith Olbmerman.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

And Marge Schott was a racist. I definitely see your point.

-Sepp said...

Ok, since pretty much everything Rush has even mumbled is available on youtube, provide some links to his racist rants.
The ONLY thing that comes remotely close was his oppinion that McNabb was being overrated as a quarterback because he was black...and many football fans agreed because even though McNabb was a good player, he still wasn't the QB god the press made him out to be.
Other than that pittifull charge, where's the racism?
Seems that the left...present company excluded...spent the last 2 years calling everyone who disagreed with Obama "racists" and tried to redefine "racism" as anything critical of liberal ideals.
What crap.

Anyways, it was no surprise that the deal fell through for Limbaugh in this. The propaganda machines were working overtime to defame the guy with a bunch of crap made from whole cloth while providing no evidence and KNOWING that very few would take the time to research it.
Think about it. This week a guy from Washington pulled some kind of racist stunt on the NAACP head here in's been national news for a week.
If Limbaugh...the most hated guy after Bush in liberal America was spouting racist rhetoric on his nationally aired you think for 1 second that it would NOT be all over CNN and MSNBC within 30 seconds of his saying it?
And do you think he'd have 1 sponsor left 1 minute later?

Fat-assed pill popper or not, the guy isn't going to risk losing millions just to cheap shot black people.
Just a point to consider!

Mycue23 said...

I have personally seen Rush make the statement that the only reason that Colin Powell voted for Barack Obama was because he was black. As if Colin Powell in particular and black people in general were unable to make decisions based on anything but race (which to my eyes is as cheap a shot as there is since he basically impuned the intelligence of General Powell and all black people). Rush has made a lot of questionable statements, but, in my opinion, that still does not disqualify him from owning an NFL team. I am not here to defend Rush and the questionable things that he has said (as I think you are), my point is that he should still have the right to spend his money how he sees fit.

SJ said...

I don’t know why you need the obvious pointed out to you, maybe it’s just your way of throwing everything into doubt for the sake of not resolving a conclusion that offends you, but you can’t do that here, not on this blog, not without being called on it and being publicly embarrassed. Nothing personal, but you have repeatedly defended this racist demagogue across several posts, when you should just leave well enough alone.

Here’s some of what Limbaugh has said that qualifies him, by any reasonable measure, as a racial bigot:

“I mean, let’s face it, we didn’t have slavery in this country for over 100 years because it was a bad thing. Quite the opposite: slavery built the South. I’m not saying we should bring it back; I’m just saying it had its merits. For one thing, the streets were safer after dark.”
-Rush Limbaugh

“You know who deserves a posthumous Medal of Honor? James Earl Ray. We miss you, James. Godspeed.”
-Rush Limbaugh

"The NAACP should have riot rehearsal. They should get a liquor store and practice robberies."
-Rush Limbaugh

“Have you ever noticed how all composite pictures of wanted criminals resemble Jesse Jackson?”
-Rush Limbaugh

Now, can you honestly tell me you’ve never heard or read any of these quotes by Rush Limbaugh? -Or were you just hoping and praying we didn’t know what we were talking about? Because I can waste even more space on here by pasting his ridiculous explanations for why he said these indefensible things.

Those are the statements that many in America find racist, except apparently you. The McNabb comment you referred to as “The ONLY thing that comes remotely close” is a love sonnet to African-Americans by comparison. Get real.

But there’s a bigger issue going on here, and on Mad Mike’s blog: -you made an absurd claim in a post reply that Tea partiers and other Conservatives were just as upset about George W. Bush’s economic policies as Liberals, again I told you to stop bullshitting and stop wasting time and space trying to whitewash recent events. You told me to “trust on it” regarding your claim of GOP dissidents critical of Bush at rallies, -but predictably you always demand concrete proof of the obvious on everyone else’s part.
Stop wasting my time making me prove to you what you already know.

Rush Limbaugh can buy whatever he wants. Period. His partners chickened out because of the constant controversy surrounding him, racial and otherwise. Plenty of people just don't like this man and he's given them plenty of reasons over the years. He’s getting some of his own medicine and I’m sure it tastes like shit.

He is also a racist bigot, and you –Sepp really need to think hard about why you keep running to his defense with spurious excuses or lies every time his name is mentioned, even in a post like this, where Mycue is already defending his obvious right to buy into an NFL team.

-Sepp said...

Mycue, saying that Powell voted for Obama because he was black is hardly a racist statement. Rush's point was that Powell shockingly traded his well known conservative ideals to endorse a man who is 180 degrees off the grid of conservatism.

SJ, the quotes you've provided...yes I've read every one of them...on the kos, huffpo etc.

I can go to any leftblog and read what they said he said...but since the late 80's everything the guy has said has been recorded and accessable so I'm NOT defending him, I'm just asking for a little evidence instead of tons of hearsay.

"-but predictably you always demand concrete proof of the obvious on everyone else’s part."

Indeed SJ I do! "The Obvious" must certainly be more than an internet rumor...meaning that if it's indeed "obvious" there must be some actual proof that made it obvious. Where is it? Is there a recording? A transcript? What? Nothing but quotes being credited to him by an unknown source.
Does the right to face an accuser end at Rush Limbaugh? "Obviosly" for the left it does!

Regardless of your disdain for Limbaugh, is it too much to verify the quotes? Or is hating the guy all the evidence needed?

BTW, I never disagreed that Limbaugh should be barred from team ownership. Those who disagree with it can refuse to buy tickets and, merchandise and make their displeasure known...the free market! Go figure!

SJ said...

Again, you are asking me, and everybody whose blog you post on for evidence and corroboration you yourself do not provide for your own claims.

That’s cool, lets move past that.

You say you want something that’s not off the Internet; but recorded? Anything I’d present to you here would be from the Internet because we’re both on the internet. I’m not going to send you a CD of radio clips. The truth of it is, if anybody in the media was serious, (in terms of exonerating him, or crucifying him) about taking this matter of all the things he has said all the way, there’s a corporation called Burelles that has done media monitoring since the 1940s.
Rush has not directly addressed the quotes himself because he knows what’ll happen. Rush himself acknowledged the Jesse Jackson remarks and worse in New York Newsday when I was a College senior.

The bottom line is, I don’t even have to go back that far. Let’s focus on the last couple of years. Let’s say Rush started his career last year, and had no history of remarks of any kind anywhere. Let’s just focus on what he has done lately.

I’ll put the judgment squarely in your lap this time. It’s your call, honest. Listen to this song, -never mind the pictures which I can’t remove for you, and which I don’t hold Limbaugh responsible for at all.
-Just listen to this all the way to the end and tell me if you think this is at all racist?
Just close your eyes and listen to this song –Sepp and be honest with yourself:

What would be the first adjective or noun that comes to your mind?

If this isn’t a series of “cheap shots” and ridicule of Black people, I’d like to hear from you what exactly qualifies as a racist remark. Rush Limbaugh isn’t new to me. He has been putting his foot in his mouth for decades and then trying to back off of what he says when it gets him the wrong kind of attention. I’ve listened to his show. He is a racial bigot when he’s on his best behavior. Rush will not surprise me when he says or does the next thing, the next time. Neither of us will have to wait long.

He should still be able to buy into an NFL team, but ultimately it’s all about whether his partners think he’s worth the headache. Clearly they don’t.


-Sepp said...

Uhhhh SJ, Limbaugh didn't write or sing in that song. It was done by a political satirist named Paul Shanklin who isn't Limbaugh!
And I may be wrong but, I do recall that it was Jesse Jackson who coined "magic negro" in reference to Obama. You tube is perfectly acceptable to link to for a Limbaugh video or soundbite.

Certainly you're entitled to disagree with / hate the guy but, if you're going to credit anyone with an accusation...isn't it also prudent to make sure the information is correct before taking it at face value and spreading it?
When I hear the rightwingers blasting something Obama did, don't think for one second that I'm going to repeat it without doing MY homework first!

A "racist remark" has to be more than simple criticism or whatever the left has redefined it as being at the moment.
Believe me, I've criticized obama's policies plenty of times and have been called a "racist" from the left for the simple act of disagreement with POLICY! But, Obama happens to be black so my critique of what he does is an automatic indicator of racism?
Many blacks hated Bush's policies...were they all racists? Or perhaps do you think that possibly they actually just hated was he was doing?

Mycue23 said...

Many blacks did disagree with Bush and according to Rush, the only reason the would have done so was because of race. He said that the sole reason Colin Powell was supporting Obama was because of race. I don't know how you could read that as a non bigoted statement. Is it possible that General Colin Powell, who had reached the highest levels of the government, made a decision based on who he thought would be best for the job? Or is that just beyond him? According to Rush it was. He saw a black man running for President and just about shit himself with joy. If Colin Powell had said the same thing about Rush and John McCain, I'm fairly sure that most would consider that racist. Clearly you don't think he's ever uttered a racist comment on the air and you are welcome to your opinion. I say that on this we can just agree to disagree.

SJ said...

Uhhhh -Sepp,
I never said Limbaugh wrote or sung that song, I asked you if what you thought of the song.

You did't answer.

You can do all the "homework" you like... listen to that song right up to the very end, and just answer my question, what do you think that song.

"Many blacks hated Bush's policies...were they all racists? Or perhaps do you think that possibly they actually just hated was he was doing?"

Apply your own line of reasoning to your judgement about why Colin Powell endorsed Barack Obama.
See what you come up with.


-Sepp said...

SJ, the song is just moronic plain and simple. In what way does that song have anything to do with Rush Limbaugh being a racist?

As far as Powell, I believe he endorsed Obama because he had no other option...McCain? C'mon!
And it IS completely possible that Powell endorsed Obama because he wanted to see a black president in his lifetime. What was dumb about that is that the first black president could easily and unquestionably have been Powell instead.

SJ said...

You hear that insulting voice, clearly meant to evoke the Jim Crow era and think that's just "moronic plain and simple" right down to those end lyrics?
Try again.
I'm not buying it, call it what it is, if you have the guts to be honest about it.

-and I'm telling you again:

Apply your own line of reasoning to your judgement about why Colin Powell endorsed Barack Obama.
This is the angle you put forth earlier in your responses:

"Many blacks hated Bush's policies...were they all racists? Or perhaps do you think that possibly they actually just hated was he was doing?"


-Sepp said...

SJ, I'm not going to listen to that song again. It was obviously made to evoke a response while conjuring up an image of a minstrel show. It's rubbish so what?
I think I explained Powell sufficiently and honestly. I doubt that Powell became a liberal and tossed his beliefs aside overnight because he suddenly decided that socialism was best for America. Just like the rest of the conservatives who voted against McCain, he was left optionless.
I thought the GOP's choice of McCheny was party suicide...and I was right!

SJ said...

I didn't ask you to listen to that song again.
I just insisted that you be direct and honest about what you thought about it, and ultimately you were:
You said it evokes a “minstrel show,” a minstrel show is an inarguably racist relic from America’s past. It is an insulting song meant to insult and demean Black people in its very execution. While neither you nor I are Black, we arrived at the same conclusion that many other Americans have. Neither you nor I would ever play this in front of Black people and make excuses for it. You would never play this at a party and just say “hey it’s a parody about the president.” Neither you nor I would play this song to a mixed crowd and try and make excuses for it. Oddly, neither would Rush Limbaugh, he instead played it repeatedly on the radio thinking he was beyond recrimination and even tried making excuses for it once he got heat over it.
You asked me for an example of something that qualifies Rush Limbaugh as racist and this is the most recent thing he has done that I know of.
My point is made, and my conclusion is informed by it: Rush Limbaugh may be a bigot and worse, but it should have no bearing on his right to buy into an NFL team.

And You have not “explained Powell” or more accurately the issue around Rush Limbaugh’s assessment of Powell.

-again your own words:

“saying that Powell voted for Obama because he was black is hardly a racist statement. Rush's point was that Powell shockingly traded his well known conservative ideals to endorse a man who is 180 degrees off the grid of conservatism.”

Actually that is a racist statement. Rush has repeatedly maintained that Colin Powell among others in America, only voted for Barack Obama because he is Black as if if there is no other reason a Black person like Powell could ever have for voting for Obama. That is racist. It is an assumption of a human being’s motives as well as their ability to judge and decide based upon their race.

But again, you actually make the point against Rush’s assumptions better than I have. You wrote:

"Many blacks hated Bush's policies...were they all racists? Or perhaps do you think that possibly they actually just hated was he was doing?"

And more to the point, then wrote:

“I thought the GOP's choice of McCheny was party suicide...and I was right!”

Isn’t it possible that Colin Powell arrived at the same conclusions you wrote here? Rush Limbaugh doesn’t think so. Why is that?