Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Long Road

I'm tired. As I'm sure our regular readers (all 6 of you) have noticed, the pace of the posts here has slackened considerably. There a few reasons for that, but one of the biggest is just that I'm tired. I'm tired of beating my head against a wall to no effect. I'm tired of the nonsense that passes for political reporting these days (I think I might shoot myself if I am subjected to one more Sarah Palin story. Sarah Palin, really??? Who gives a sh*t what she's doing.). I'm tired of the lack of action by our government when literally thousands of people a year are dying due to lack of affordable health care I'm tired of pointing out the same issues over and over again. How many times can I bemoan the quagmire in Afghanistan? How many times can I complain about the ignorant people who apparently feel it's their lives work to deny the civil rights to their fellow Americans? How many examples of outright criminal behavior by our elected officials have to be shown before something is done? How many times does our government have to ignore the Constitution before the document becomes meaningless?

I haven't given up my belief that we can be a better country. I'm just disgusted with the pace of progress. Why do most of our politicians have to act like 5 year olds (screw you guys, I'm going home)? Why does political commentary have to devolve into name calling and attempted jokes (Beck, O'Reilly, Olberman, I'm talking to you). If our politicians don't take the future of the country seriously, then you would hope that at least the press would. You'd be wrong. Why are the NewsHour and Bill Moyer's Journal the only places to get an honest look at the issues? Why has politics devolved into entertainment? I'm tired of trying to search out a serious look at the issues. It's almost as if everyone treats this as one big game. I would like to remind them that peoples lives are at stake here, but what would be the point?

How much time will our supposed journalists and politicians spend on whether the President bowing to the Emperor of Japan was appropriate or not? How time will be spent on whether Sarah Palin is a viable candidate for President? How much time will be spent on arguing semantics and appearances as opposed to actual policies? How many times will "journalists" spend laughing at a joke they tell or a joke some else tells? How much time will they all spend trying to "out clever" each other?

All of it just wears me down. I'm tired of trying to talk about issues when the people who can actually do something about it appear to be so willing to avoid them. I'm sure I'll get back to writing soon, but trust me, at this point I'm not in much of a mood to continue to piss into the wind. It's a sad day when you come the realization that the Constitution isn't worth the paper it's written on and that the politicians in this country don't seem to care. It's a sad day when journalism in this country has been lowered to the level of bad entertainment. It's a sad day when the people of this country can't get the news without a wink and a elbow. It's a sad day when the helpless, hungry and homeless are relegated to also ran status because they don't make good copy.

I'm tired. Very tired.


SJ said...

Well said/written.
Most of the crimes, abuse and tragedy of the last decades were only possible because of the average American's exhaustion.

I think Rachel Maddow, Amy Goodman, David Broncocio and a few others still offer safe harbor from all the noise threatening to replace reality.

Jack Jodell said...

I share your exhaustion and battle weariness. But I agree with SJ that there are a number of quality pundits and news journalists who aren't falling into the trap of being entertainers. And, we DO have a few very bright spots on the political horizon---namely Bernie Sanders, Anthony Weiner, Dennis Kucinich, Barbara Boxer, Al Freanken, and a number of others (there just aren't enough of them YET). But don't despair, and keep on fighting the good fight. It IS a good fight and it IS worth it!

Beach Bum said...

I'm tired of trying to talk about issues when the people who can actually do something about it appear to be so willing to avoid them.

What's the old joke I heard about a politician talking to a Constituent? Something like this: I'm sorry, were you saying something cause I was trying to avoid the issues.

Like SJ and Jack said there are some good reporters and good politicans but they are currently out numbered.

My only problem is that while we have to stay in the fight I'm uncertain at times if things can change. The republicans are just about all morons marching over toward the edge of the cliff while the Democrats have just a few too many whiny children who want everything their way and if not they would rather have a train wreck than compromise.

Hell I'm tired too and to be honest I have looked into immgrating to someplace like New Zealand but you know what TJ said about the price of liberty?

MadMike said...

I have often thought about living in New Zealand. I hear they have Hobbits there:-)

In all seriousness I suffer regularly from Blog Fatigue Syndrome (BFS) but find once I muster the strength to at least start the research I can usually end up with at least one post a day. When I can't I pray that one of wonderful contributors will have beat me to it so I don't have to bother:-)

Mycue23 said...

BFS is a good way to put it. I'm sure I'll get around to writing something soon, but it does get a little hard sometimes. I'm sure there will be some new outrage that will stir my pen in the near future.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

It's all getting extremely hackneyed. I completely agree. The way I see it, O'Reilly and Olbermann should just have sex with each other and get it over with.

Oso said...

I understand completely.IMO it's the teabagger mentality which has skewed things,and I more and more get to feeling the same way.

The word "Malaise" comes to mind.

I work with a group scattered across the country,most are teabaggers.My two smart and assertive daughters and close friends can balance the teabaggers at times,other times having to hide the depth of my hatred for my coworkers overcomes the shelter of sanity provided by friends and family.

So I'm down with the Malaise-the thinking persons H1N1.except I don't know if it's pronounced MAY-laze or ma-Laze. But I got too much malaise in me to look it up.

Hang in there man.

Gwendolyn H. Barry said...

When your words represent a gift of hope (as yours do!), becoming tired and desponding over the lack of motion is understandable in the overwhelming odds of nutz that's strewn about the blogosphere and daily news. As I can see, many agree.

But darlin'... YOU ARE MISSED.

Your ideas, your hopes and your dreams make a difference. So, sending Light and prayer towards your recovery to inspiration and fuel for the blog ... I always look for : Random Thoughts.
****Mycue23**** you are supported! RArh!

and btw: talent never quits! So, I'm not so worried you won't be back soonest....

Gwendolyn H. Barry said...

Ahem! ah, that should read 'be back sooooooonest!' LOL gad. I'm a bit tired meself.... shall we all meet up for an afternoon cocktail?

Mycue23 said...

Just say the word and I'm there. Thanks for the kind words, Gwendolyn. I'm searching for inspiration daily.

Gwendolyn H. Barry said...

Oh Michael... you, me, all. You are never alone! :-) Ya know?