Wednesday, December 09, 2009


I’ve had some profoundly nasty, vitriolic arguments with people over the years about politics. Being a Progressive, pro-union, working-class Liberal who listens first before engaging most issues means I’ve been invariably pegged as too radical for some and not angry and doctrinaire enough for others.
Six years ago, when I worked one of the worst jobs I have ever had, (I know I should never complain about being employed, but this was a terrible, soul-sucking gig that operated out of a tiny 12-foot by 12-foot computer room that had to accommodate 3 hapless human beings and their terminals) I had the misfortune of having a graveyard shift that overlapped with that of one of the most miserable pricks I have ever encountered in any workplace. We all know the type: walks in tired, complains about every aspect of his life, the unfairness of the world, how little he has in the way of luck, money or good fortune. (-Meanwhile the man was married to a beautiful woman, had a beautiful son.-) This man sighed more times per minute than a front tire weeping its air from a flat.
This was one miserable, unhappy, bitch-of-a-man and whenever he was done moaning he set about trying to make conversation, -generally about politics. He made a point of talking to everyone as though they had voted for George W. Bush. He was a Columbian national who was in the process of “naturalizing” toward citizenship and having a tough go of it. Despite all I have written about him thus far, I should add that he was extremely intelligent, knowledgeable about a great many things, well-read, -if given to believing elaborate conspiracy theories generally more common amongst Anti-Semites. Surprisingly, like too many South Americans I have known, (My parents hailed from the Dominican Republic and I speak Spanish fluently lest you think, I too am being a xenophobe) he was a matter-of-fact racial bigot who was often annoyed when told to watch what he said.
I just didn’t respect this man. I took great glee in embarrassing and exposing him when he’d attempt to bait me with leading questions. He had a favorite; one of the most naive questions anyone can ask an American:
“How can you stand it?”
The presumption within that question is a judgment: an implication that we do stand it. That we somehow let it happen. As if the deck isn’t stacked against the average citizen from up on high.

What is going on right now in America is criminal. I don’t care how many handfuls of morons spill out of buses with “Obama=Hitler” signs, -that’s not the nation, it’s not even the nation’s elbow… it’s more like a cyst.

The Public Option is now gone. The Republican minority got its way thanks to a bunch of asshole Democrats who decided to use the GOP’s dogma as an excuse to weasel away from defending the poor and the working class -who don’t have a lobby, -who can’t get in to see a Senator because they’re too busy just trying to survive in this once-growing economy the GOP shot down the toilet for the last decade.

After what happened at Walter Reade Hospital this decade, I don’t give a fuck what any Republican has to say on the subject of Health Care, Hospitalization, Medical costs or the efficiency of anything ever again.

Joe Lieberman can go burn in the hell for what he and his fellow sell-outs are consigning 50 million people in America to. These corrupt sycophants had better be made to pay for their lack of integrity in the next election cycle. I’m sure Jack Jodell or another blogger with his prosecutorial honesty will give us their names.

Howard Dean said last night that he is among those who accept replacing the Public Option with a Medicare buy-in for Americans between the ages of 55 and 64. Those who read Random Thoughts know that I respect Mr. Dean and that I hold him in a very special regard, but he doesn’t honestly expect me to believe that he’s okay with people under 55 being in basically the same situation they were in yesterday:
-at the mercy of an industry that will let you die if it costs them too much money.

Every Representative, every single Senator who ever accepted campaign support from the Health Care Industry and opposed the Public Option, and the Single Payer System before it -should be made to explain how they had no conflict of interest, -how they weren’t bought outright.

Because they were:
Orrin Hatch and Max Baucus are as corrupt as politicians come.

For the first time this afternoon I asked myself: How can I stand it?” For the first time I’m thinking:“Maybe that asshole I worked with in 2003 was right about Americans and their complacency, their ignorance?”
We have politicians who absolutely do not care about working people and we have working people who absolutely do not care about each other or themselves. I thought rational self-interest, or saving our industries (like Automotive) at the very least could be counted on as a reason to insist on medical coverage as a right, not a rare and expensive privilege.

I’m looking out of my office window onto Times Square. It’s a fittingly grey, cold and rain soaked Wednesday. The news of this “compromise” is being flashed across several digital running boards, gigantic screens, and video billboards and nobody, not one single person is looking up from their shopping to see what’s going wrong with their world, their nation, and their lives.

I am disgusted.


Oso said...

A veces creo que no hay esperanza. Otros veces....como dicen los Muslims-Inshallah.Que quiere El Senor.

SJ said...

Encuentro algunos días (como hoy) que presentan dificultades profundas.
No se realmente como continuar con todas las locuras y tonterías que nos persiguen.
Este gobierno todavia existe para el prinicpio beneficio de criminales como Baucus, et al.

Jack Jodell said...

Sorry, gents, but I'm illiterate when it comes to Spanish, but I usually side with both of you on stuff...

SJ, I share your frustration and anger. I, too, am fed up at how working class American gets constantly screwed by corporate bigwigs and economic elitists, and I am doubly disappointed in the bullshit that has been pulled by "blue dog" (might as well call them "scaredy-cat") Democrats.

The biggest pukes and sell-outs in government today are LIEberman, Baucus, Bayh, Nelson, Lincoln, Conrad, Hatch, Kyl, Cornyn, DeMint, Vitter, and all the others who have done the bidding of big insurance and big pharma. This country would be FAR better off if we only had a Congress FULL of those like Sanders, Boxer, Wyden, Franken, Feingold, Brown, Grayson, Kucinich, Weiner, Frank, and a few others.

That being said, I am dismayed that, even at best, those under 55 will receive no relief or protection from the insurance industry. But, on the 10 watt bulb bright side, if Medicare IS expanded to include those who are 55-64, that is a start, and we can then and all MUST then push for the eventual inclusion of EVERYBODY. This fight is NOT over, and both the greedy and the bought-out bastards MUST and someday WILL be defeated!!!

SJ said...

I replied to Oso in Spanish with the following:
"I find some days (like today) present profound challenges.
I don't know how to move forward with all of the insanity and nonsense that plague us. This government still exists for the principal benefit of criminals like Baucus, et al."

As always Jack, your steadfast optimism is humbling, as is your knowledge of the players and details in these ongoing catastrophes.
Thanks for the rogue's gallery of cowards, and as always thanks for your friendship.

Oso said...

as is typical,you analyzed the situation well and added to my knowledge.
I saw where SJ mentioned he spoke Spanish in his post, so I wrote:

"can you provide me Jack Jodell's mailing address because I have a problem cat I want to get rid of" .

No,I'd written "sometimes I feel like things are hopeless,other times I think it's like the Muslims say 'Inshallah'.God's will.

Beach Bum said...

We all really need to find a bar at some central location and get together for a drink, or two, or three....

I find myself torn and about this latest "compromise" about dropping the public option and expanding Medicare. One side says, screw it and that the fight must now be turned to somehow squeezing blood and jobs from rocks so the 2012 election will not bring in a Romney, Palin, Newt, or any other slimy bastard or bitch that will continue the Reagan/Bush the older/Bush the younger policies. Maybe we can try again after 2012.

The other side wants to get some reform on the books which like Jack said, even though it only strengthens the health insurance companies and is by all accounts a joke.

SJ said...

That is a great idea. We're all pretty scattered, but maybe that's a goal for 2010? Get Jack, Mad Mike, you, Oso, Vig, Gwendolyn, MyCue23 and everybody together someplace in the middle of the country and drink round after round. It would probably be the smartest, sanest and most volatile company I've kept in a while.

I woke up this morning thinking: "well it's not nothing," but it's far from what the country, the people and its industries need right now. Imagine how far and how fast the automakers could go if they weren't getting gouged by the healthcare industry for their employees' and retirees' healthcare costs?

Jack Jodell said...

Hell, let's just start our own party or movement or something and have our slogan be "rounds for everyone!" :-)

SJ said...

Regardless I will raise a toast to you all this evening, wherever you all may be hanging your hats.

TRUTH 101 said...

Where's the party dudes?

I hate to be the party pooper but Obama has to work with the r's and the "scaredy cat Dems" as Jack so aptly labeled them. It's going to take time. Think these republican assholes are orstructionist now. Just imagine how bad it would be if Obama wasn't at least trying to wave the feau olive branch of bipartisanship in their faces. I want singe payer and us out of Iraq and Afghanisatn now as much as any of us. Sometimes pragmatism must rule.

These republicans are like dogs or toddlers that need to be potty trained. Beat them and they get worse. Convince them slowly and with little rewards like meaningless moralist crap that republicans think makes them good with God and the religious zealots, it's more effective and the dog or the child won't shit on the rug when it gets angry.

Oso said...

I think your "potty trained" analogy in regards to the Republicans is the real deal.

Very disappointing that our entire political system is figurative built around preventing grown elected officials from shitting on the rug.

My cat Dulce is a proud litterbox using progressive,infinitely smarter than your average Repub.

and cuter.

SJ said...

@TRUTH 101,
the party is in disarray.

...but the drinking will begin promptly at 5:30p Eastern time for me. It'll be mostly whiskey.

Oso said...

It's almost an hour past 5:30pm EST so I assume you've had a whiskey or two, here's hoping you're typing with a belt on and wearing a helmet.

SJ said...

I'm strapped buddy. I've had a few shots of Palo Viejo, and probably won't get around to any bourbon tonight.
I just responded on Truth 101's blog "Truth Shall Rule."

More explaining why Palin ain't paying off...
shit this liquor's great -that was almost some deft alliteration going on there.
May take a nap.

-Sepp said...

Your democrat representitives didn't side with the GOP...they sided with their projected 2010 election results and sided with self preservation over socialism.

Jack, if you want politiians like those sleazbags you touted...Bolivia is accepting new citizens anytime you're ready to take the leap!

SJ said...

Actually my representatives, Schumer and Gillibrand stood their ground, and still are.
Other Democrats, like the so-called Blue Dogs, did indeed side with the GOP, -citing the same phantom reasons of cost that never seem to come up when defense contracts are going through the House and Senate or war. They rode the same wave of paranoid bullshit.

Manifesto Joe said...

Sepp, you are a world-class fool. Sadly, you are far from alone.

The swing-state, "blue-dog" Democrats who killed the public option are simply sell-outs who knew they would have to go up against a shitload of Big Pharm and Big Insurance money when they stood for re-election. It is just another example of how the U.S. is no longer a democracy; it's a plutocracy.

But, all of this will come back, after many more people have been financially destroyed by the health care status quo. And then the right wing will wish they had been more accommodating this time. The big money has won many times, and obviously has it won again; but enough desperate Americans will one day trump them, as they finally did on similar issues in the 1930s. It's just a question of when.

Meanwhile, just go on being fucking stupid. You've got plenty of company.

Manifesto Joe said...

By the way, Sepp:

If you're going to surf around doing these hit-and-run things like you right-wing cretins are inclined to do, at least learn how to spell (en Ingles!).

Manifesto Joe said...

BTW otra vez, Sepp:

It's hard to recommend where assholes like you should go to repatriate, because there aren't many places left in the world that you would approve of, outside of Myanmar. Among first-world countries, Australia comes to mind -- they're very capitalist there. But hey, how come they have socialized medicine there?

SJ said...

@Manifesto Joe, that was a great and nuanced post on Afghanistan you posted recently. A great read.

-Sepp said...

Manifiesto joe, maybe I am an what? Typical that a dumbass like yourself would shoot the messenger. Face it folks, it wasn't the "blue-dog" democrats who shot down your shitty little bill, it was the self-preservationist-democrats who saw their power and livelihood fading away and they did what they always do...told YOU to get fucked while they saved their own skins! Especially you man-infesto schmoe! Feel free to be pissed at me...but YOUR democrats played you like the sucker you are!

BTW, I don't need to repatriate, YOU want socialism...then grab your sac, man-up and go live in a country that already has it! I've lived in 2 of em!
See you when you get back...or better yet, send somebody back who would appreciate what we have here!
They'd make a better citizen anyways...they always do!

Meanwhile, if you want socialists in government, stop electing Democrats in the hopes that they're socialists...they're not. They're social agenda speechmakers who's oppinions blow in the direction of dollars.

You can bash me 6 ways from Sunday...I care less...but, you know damned sure deep down that I'm right on the money whether you like it or not!
YOUR congress screwed you on socialist healthcare and YOUR president screwed you on the war... and pretty much every other promise! I'd say they're batting 1000 on screwing you!
Sooooo much for that hope-an-change!

SJ said...

Sorry, the Republicans have been telling everybody "to get fucked" for 25 years, they're still doing it. They decided to "screw up" Health Care Reform before they even heard what was on the table. They said as much repeatedly before the bill was even taking shape. The Blue Dogs just wish they were Republicans, and that's their problem at the heart of it all when the next elections roll around:
I'll still take my chances with the Democrats, thank you very much.
No one can be counted on to put their own interests before the people with more consistency that the GOP for the last 40 years. They've been against every single aspect of Healthcare Reform from the start. The Blue Dogs Democrats are cowards and sell outs. I have no problem saying so.

Regarding your response to MJ, it sounds like your idea of a better citizen is just someone who agrees with you. -I hope that's not the case because that will never be America and you'll be very unhappy for the rest of your life here. Nobody's going anywhere. You and I live in the same nation and we're just going to have to work this out.

btw- Who said they want Socialists in government? I don't see that anywhere on here, if we did we wouldn't be voting for Democrats by and large.

And Sorry -Sepp but, again I have to point out that you're wrong on all points, I hope you don't think I'm "bashing you 6 ways from Sunday" but:

1) The congress is/was not after "Socialist" healthcare, "Socialized medicine" or any of those other made up terms that come up whenever reform to this industry or extending medical coverage to all people is proposed. You know exactly who made up the term "Socialized medicine" because I know you're fairly well read and know your history: the Health Care Insurance Lobby and the AMA made up the term in the 1940s.

2)President Obama did not run on any campaign promise to pull out of Afghanistan. He ran on just the opposite. That's just a fact. I don't like it, but that's the truth. He didn't "screw" anybody, he said he wanted to devote more focus to Afghanistan when he was running because he thinks that's where the trouble is.

3) Nobody bats 1,000 in any endeavor, not even in living up to your schadenfreude. The credit card reform bill that Senator Dodd pushed through was a pretty big deal for consumers, I'm pretty eager to see it take effect and see what other reform it inspires. (btw -Bank of America sent me a letter last week reversing its "decision" on changing my fixed rate loan that we discussed on another post here, I called them to ask why, they said it was because of the changes coming in February because of the Dodd bill, I'll be posting about it all soon watch for it-)
Also, under the Obama Administration the Department of Transportation has approved 2,500 highway projects, $9.3 billion across all 50 states, DOT officials cite that 260,000 jobs were created as a result. Jobless rate is still just over 10%, but it's a move in the right direction since we don't need anymore bridges and roads failing.
Also, the White House has put under federal protection more than two million acres of wild lands and wilderness, rivers and new national trails and new national parks by signing "The Omnibus Public Land Management Act." A start on making good on their promises to protect the environment, since it's the biggest initiative in protecting natural resources and land in about 15 years.
...Ah, so in a word, no.

You're wrong.

These are the facts.
Accept them or not.
You'd say "they're batting a 1,000 on screwing you!" and you'd be wrong.
I wonder what your assessment of the Bush Presidency was at this point in his first term btw?

Oso said...


very good responses.I didn't know about that "socialized medicine" source being the AMA.

I particularly take complaints about America,and threats to leave,and complaints about who comes here very seriously.

My father was born on the Ft.Yuma reservation,mother had French and Mexican blood.

Illegals to me are those without Indian blood,so by definition it's not Mexicans who were part of the migration which passed thru the Americas.

So when people who were part of destroying my land and culture now say they want to repatriate I can't help wanting to say So Why The Fuck Did You Come Here In The First Place? And I'm sure it's to a place where there's not so many dirty Brown and Black people. I gather that's what Manifesto Joe was responding,Repub wish to leave for greener pastures.

I'm rambling bro,lo siento pero no puedo a ayudarlo. Que cabron la vida verdad ? y entonces morira.

SJ said...

yeah, 1947 or 1946 I think was the first time the AMA used that ploy, -against President Truman's Healthcare Reform effort. That's how long this shit's been going on.

Life's all right hermano, it's just long and tough.

Completely off topic, -I'm watching a documentary by Stacy Peralta from about ten years ago called "Dogtown & Z Boys" about the genesis of modern skateboarding in Venice California in the early 1970s. I highly recommend it.
An East coast pioneer of "vertical" skateboarding and an old friend, Andy Kessler passed away this summer in a freak accident (wasp sting), he's been in my thoughts lately.

MadMike said...

I'm with Joe!!

Manifesto Joe said...

Sepp, the reason I "bashed" you is that you started it. It's called retaliation. People like you never seem to know any other way to debate someone of different views than to pull the moronic 1969 "America: Love It or Leave It" bullshit. My European ancestors have mostly been here for centuries, and my 1/8 Cherokee ancestors were here before those people knew there was anything like North America. YOU GO THE FUCK BACK TO WHEREVER YOU CAME FROM! I'm more Heinz 57, melting-pot American than you could imagine.

It has been common knowledge around most of the world for a long time that the mixed economy is the way to go. Not pure socialism, nor pure laissez-faire. The best economies (not ours at the moment) have blended the two. There's a reason why the rest of the mixed-economy/capitalist world has opted for government-run programs when it comes to medicine. True pragmatists judge according to what ACTUALLY WORKS, and the monopoly model we have now clearly isn't working. Health care has not shown itself to be a sector that is market-friendly. Many others are. But, a sick person cannot shop around among hospitals, like some Arab trader. The free-market model doesn't work in that sector, and everybody else in the world knows it EXCEPT US.

Pardon me if I, "A REAL AMERICAN" with deep roots going back centuries and even millenia, decide to fight for the future of our people, and against the Big Money MFs who are sticking it to most of us, and very likely to you, every day of our lives. YOU GET THE FUCK OUT. This is MY country as much as anybody else's, and I'm tired of seeing MY people get screwed, generation after generation.

Manifesto Joe said...

BTW, Septic:

I just checked out your faux-biker blogs, and your faux-biker profile. John Lennon would have puked on your ripe leathers, and Jim Morrison probably would have, too, after enough Scotch.

And Sonny Barger was a closet Nazi. And if you "bikers" are so fucking tough, why don't you take up real fist-fighting? Is it that you can't do it very well without chains or brass knuckles?

-Sepp said...

I started it? I just told you the bitter truth Joe...those dems you thought were going to take a step decided to follow the money instead. If telling you that makes me an be it. Keep your head in the sand and tell yourself I'm lying to you if it makes you feel better.

Odd that our economy has stood the test of time. Free markets have worked while command ecomonies have failed one after another. Which country in speciffic's model are you suggesting we follow? Which country has a more modern medical structure, more innovation and development? I can call and have an MRI scheduled for Monday morning...where else has that kind of service available? Europe? Cuba? Canada? Who?
The "monopoly system" we have doesent work for who? You? ...and that's my problem how?
Since you've been so thorough investigating me, feel free to find anywhere where I've said the health system doesent need fixing at all.
I just find it moronic that poeple will simply take whatever sorry-assed bill being floated down the pike without regard to the crap jammed between the pages that are of consequence and have nothing whatsoever to do with providing healthcare.
I don't buy it that you're so ignorant to believe that they can't put something together to add coverage to a segment of the population without infringing on the majority segment.

As for my fake biking...just another hint to your cluelessness and classlessness manifesto'ing themselves for public consumption. It must really bother you that I'm not some rich republican from a gated community in the 'burbs to fit your predetermined idea.
Lol, brass knuckles and need to stop watching those 1970's bike-sploitation flicks! However, even if your ignorant steriotype were true, brass knuckles is still more ballsy than throwing insults over the internet ever will be.
Have a nice day Joe!

-Sepp said...

SJ, you can't screw something up before it hits the table if the author's of it refuse to even put it on the table until it comes up for a vote! I wouldn't agree to a contract sight unseen and neither would anyone in their right mind. And that is exactly what the bill is...a contract! And, it's a contract that WE will be beholden to while the government has the option to change the rules at anytime along the way AFTER it's agreed upon!

Does that sound right to you? I'll bet it doesent! Especially after BoA tried to play that same game with you and your home! (which BTW I'm glad you got that ironed out)

I know you don't agree with me on every point but can you honestly be wanting the same shady shit from your government that BoA was trying to pull on you? At least with BoA, you had a signed contract to back you up...with the government, the deal seems to change with every backroom meeting you're excluded from!

I won't support ANY law that comes out from behind a locked door at 2am, isn't able to be read before voting on it and I want to see what exactly is being given and taken between the people and the govt.
I'd never buy a used car under those circumstances and won't hand over my civil liberties so flippantly either to gamble on the the "goodness" of our supposed leaders...just like you'll probably never trust a banker by his word again either!

SJ said...

While I get where you're coming from, I should point out that the bill's various versions were online for the public, that's including all of our House and Senate to look at in both parties. I wouldn't ask anyone to agree to something sight unseen (Which was not the situation with BoA by the way, they told me that I was getting was a fixed rate loan, not a credit card account, and then decided, because I was probably paying it off too quickly, that they wanted to "turn" it into a credit card account so they could change my rate to variable. Needless to say I didn't see this anywhere in the contract at the time of signing as I was looking for such loopholes. When I called them on it, they cited a new disclaimer on their website, written after my contract, that superceded all contracts and agreements. -Apparently this was perfectly legal, until this year. The new Dodd legislation will make it illegal for them to change rates on existing agreements by just about any means.)

On the GOP's obstruction on Healt Care, my point was they (Eric Cantor, Jim DeMint and John Boehner specifically) said that there was no way they would vote in favor of any bill related to Health Care Reform, no matter what it had in it, citing "we have the best healthcare system in the world." (Now you and I both know that's not true, in any respect. It's a great system if you've got a big enough employer who can pay a lot to cover you fully). The GOP said all this before the process started and even before the drafts were made. Eric Cantor was asked what could be put in it that would allow him to support it, and he gave no answer. Jim Demint even cited their particular reason for doing so: "Breaking" the President. These politicians intended to water the bill down as much as was possible and make up the reasons along the way. If not, why all the phony rhetoric?: The "death panels,"
the "taking away coverage from Seniors,"
those were just lies about the bill.

While I'll assume you have looked at the particualrs of this Health Care bill and don't find it to your liking, either due to projected costs or its structures, the GOP, if it had it's way would "start over from scratch," which is to say keep things exactly as they are. That's just unacceptable. The GOP had control of the House and Senate for years and never suggested Health Care Reform. They won't do it now. They just want to stall until it goes away: It won't.
It won't because the other industries in our country, automotive and other manufacturing need protection from the Healthcare industry and it's year to year percentage increases and placement of profits over American lives.
I should point out that, even without the Public Option, even if the bill only manages to eliminate the practice of rescission, and caps on treatment, -if it only guarantees the coverage of a few more milllion people, it will have been a great success and eased the burden on our private sector.
-It still leaves millions of people at risk, but it ensures that people who pay for coverage, like me, actually get what they are paying for.
I'm pissed about the Public Option being removed, but I was even angrier when Single-Payer was excised just top appease Republicans who were never going to vote for it no matter what they took out of it at the start.
In this way, the Democrats "got played," and two Senators in particular, Max Baucus and Joe Lieberman sold out the uninisured. I support the bill. It's a great step forward.
If there wasn't a Healthcare Lobby, this would hardly be an issue.

Oso said...

Well-detailed,touched on some things I didn't know and some I'd forgotten.

Manifesto Joe said...

Well, Septic, er, Sepp, I can see that your spelling doesn't get any better, nor does your knowledge of economics.

The U.S. doesn't have a pure free-market system, and arguably never has. But that's especially been true since the 1930s. The old style of capitalism was on its knees here in 1932; it was eventually saved -- yes, saved -- by reforms and by, gasp, a certain amount of government intervention.

The mixed economy, varying according to mix, has been the standard throughout most of the developed world ever since. It's not a simplistic either/or, free-market vs. command economy choice, as you try to depict it.

What's clear now is that the eventual achievement of health care reform is going to be a matter of enough people like you -- our millions of chickens for Colonel Sanders -- getting sick, losing jobs and then their insurance, for the reality of this private monopoly system to sink in.

Regarding stereotypes: You list Sonny Barger's "Freedom" as a favorite book. Anyone who would have that much esteem for the writings of a sociopathic crime syndicate boss like Barger -- well, you're being pretty true to the biker stereotype.

Manifesto Joe said...

Oh, and P.S., Septic:

While you're getting your MRI tomorrow morning (if you're not worried about how to pay for it, even with "insurance," then I can see how you might lean Republican), you might think about why the U.S. ranks about 42nd among nations in life expectancy. Enjoy that MRI.

-Sepp said...

Well joe, I'm glad you have such an eye for spelling...maybe you can get a job as a spell checker...or just get a job.

As for Barger, I read his book. So what? I've read all of Iaacoca's books too and hundreds of others. My "esteem" for Barger is that he has written a book on freedom. He's lost many of his civil rights due to being a fellon and is smart enough to recognize exactly what he's lost. Some folks do prison time and lose freedoms...others just merrily hand their's over to the first smiling politician who promises them something!

Maybe you ought to read his book and check it for spelling errors.