Thursday, December 03, 2009

The End

For once, I’ll be brief.

The Public Option is in more danger now than it ever has been since the moniker was coined. It’s closer to being dropped than at any point since it became the substitute for the Single-Payer System that was excised before the bill took shape. A few so-called Conservative Democrats, (Joe Lieberman and others) have said they will block the entire Health Care Reform Bill if the Democratic Caucus doesn't agree to weaken the public option.

Joe Lieberman and his fellow sellouts are standing against 50 million uninsured human beings in America. These men are standing against working mothers, single parent households, the recently unemployed, the homeless and infants.

Yes. That's right, in my opinion, Senator Joe Lieberman doesn’t care about babies. has formed an emergency petition to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid asking him to not dilute the Public Option.

Sign the petition here and tell Harry Reid to FIGHT as though he were Sargent Shriver or somebody with real balls:

Are you gonna let Joe Lieberman determine the outcome of Health Care Reform?

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TRUTH 101 said...

Okay Boss. I signed the letter to Reid. I typed a few nasties about Lieberman also but I deleted them before sending. It made me feel good.

SJ said...

Ha ha.
Good one!

Jack Jodell said...

Way to go, SJ! Signed and sent. And I DIDN'T delete MY nasty comments about that worthless, spineless LIEberman!

MadMike said...

I signed and sent and like Jack I didn't remove my comments about that f#$%^&* Lieberman.

Gwendolyn H. Barry said...

Signed and phone banking down here to keep it REAL. You feel me? LYAO! Thanks Michael for the lead in to the letter...

SJ said...

They keep announcing that it's so rare that they're working through the weekend.
They're all lucky to have jobs. If they were graded on output and returns on invest like every other employee in the world they'd have been laid off long ago and with good reason.
Let's hope these guys and gals in the Senate "nut up" and legislate some real change in the nation for the future's sake.

SJ said...

"returns on investment"

Beach Bum said...

After all the hundreds of billions that has gone to bankers and investors for the Congress to fall on its face on this one about the public option is about the biggest screw job on common people in hundred years.

Signed, and issued a few choice comments but its a get-the-fu&k drunk night.

SJ said...

@Beach Bum,
I'm sure it was no less than most of them deserve.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

I heard that 5 liberals and 5 moderates came together today and proposed a plan that would allow people to buy into the same plan that federal employees receive. Now THAT is what I'm "signing on" to.

SJ said...

I hear that Will.

SJ said...

Oh and before I forget--

I know enough Japanese to understand that you are spamming our blog.
Knock it off.
I'm leaving your message up for now, so people know what the hell I'm talking about.

SJ said...

The spam-comment from Japan was deleted.