Monday, March 22, 2010

That’s Right. This Is What I Voted for.

I’m sticking my head out of the water ever so briefly just for today, but plan to be back in action here as usual and on the new, new Mad Mike’s America next Tuesday, God willing.

The GOP politicians are insisting on going down in flames on this issue of Healthcare. Taking comfort in their own immovable and venal opposition to Healthcare reform, it’s akin to shouting, “Deregulation now! Deregulation forever!!!” and not all that bizarre and disingenuous from their opposition to civil rights legislation in the 1960s in the face of its eventual passage.

For all the current bill has wrong with it (and there are a few logistical things that should be fixed, things no Republican has bothered to point out because telling lies about the bill is a far better way to stop it), here are two things that Republicans should have conceded were "good" things while they were shouting that we should “start over from scratch:”

-The outlawing of preexisting conditions as the basis for denial of coverage.
-The removal of coverage caps.

The war the GOP undertook against the sick and infirm isn’t over, but it’s clear Mr. Boehner and his fellow lobbyists in office are going to lose. I’ve been emailing them for the last two months and telling them so, -politely but unequivocally.

You can email the Minority Leader here:



Sue said...

they NEED to lose. We have heard enough from them to last a lifetime, I'm fed up with the lies and the hypocrisy!

good luck at Mikes!

SJ said...

They already have. It's just degrees of losing for them from here on out. They wanted nothing to pass, nothing to change, nothing to improve.
They lost on every point, and working people, the sick, the defenseless have champions in government again. I hope everybody is emailing their reps and senators today to say thanks... or bitch them out.

AND Thanks Sue!
I wish you all could be there with us on Saturday. It's going to be a big emotional day. I'm hoping to get someone to capture the debut on video.

Manifesto Joe said...

Hey, SJ, I noticed that Crooks and Liars has led with the incident of the Texas congressfool shouting "baby killer!" at Bart Stupak. I put the Yahoo! News account on my new post. That's like the Joe Wilson incident, and liberal bloggers need to remind people about this kind of psychoputz behavior constantly until the November midterm elections.

Jack Jodell said...

The conservative Republican bloc got a well-deserved ass-beatin' yesterday, and it's up to all of us progressives to keep the heat on and deliver them their 3rd straight big-time whuppin' this November! It's high time these buzzards got the message loud and clear: THIS COUNTRY VOTED FOR CHANGE IN '06 AND '08, AND WE STILL WANT IT NOW!!!

tnlib said...

I'm in a state of euphoria myself.

Goodluck to you at Mike's.

Oso said...

Hola loco y bienvenidos atras,

Somos en otros lados aqui 'mano, y ellos cansan de yo, pero no puedo cerrar mi boca grande.

Reid apparently put coverage caps back in the Senate Finance bill, Dodd's bill has public option so in order to keep out public option he will almost certainly choose the SFC bill which now has coverage caps.

They can no longer deny a child's preexisting condition, others have to stay alive 4 more years. And then they can be charged "accordingly, based on industry standards" and then can be charged "proportionately". IMO vague enough so they can jack the poor people who need to be helped.

It's not a good bill. And Obama didn't fight for a PO, he fought against it. I'm gonna keep saying it cause the health insurance industry bought the Democrats who did the Republicans job for them. My old party sold itself out as part of Triangulation. Check the AFL/CIO stand-they're against it cause of the deficit neutral part is gonna tax union health care benefits. Obama claimed he'd tax the rich. Crooked tongue, gonna tax the workers.

I wish you best of luck with The Likes Of US. I'm sorry I can't hide what's inside but that's how God wired us Indios, we never bend we just drink and break.

SJ said...

@Manifesto Joe--
absolutely typical, cheap ploy. These guys never had trouble shutting up before... Now they don't have the white house, they don't have a majority in the Senate and they just can't control themselves? How predictably theatrical.

right on brother. I'm glad they're not repeating the mistakes of the Carter administration, i.e. all or nothing approaches to legislation and reform.

Exactly. the GOP lost their dream of obstruction, predictably they are already announcing more sour grapes oriented policy.

We'll have to disagree on this one. No harm in that brother.
No legislation's iron-clad (I want Single Payer as do most people) and as I wrote above in the post there are problems with the bill but anything that upsets the GOP, the lobbyists on K street and Karen Ignani is a move in the right direction.
That entire industry is on the defensive and that's light years from where we were 24 hours ago. We need more, but we won't get it by starting over again "from scratch" as the GOP has been "suggesting" to us.

MadMike said...

I am proud that I voted for Barack Obama. I am proud I never gave up hope. It is a good day.

SJ said...

It is a good day.

That said, exactly just how full of shit is Jon Kyl?

I'm watching the newshour right now, and Jim Lehrer just reminded him that Republicans opposed Social Security, Medicare and Civil Rights legislation and eventually had to just suck it up... Jon Kyl basically denied that the GOP were opponents of Civil Rights legislation and called it a Bipartisan effort... Does he think everyone is too young to remember (or too ignorant to know about) Barry Goldwater?