Saturday, May 22, 2010

Isn’t It Just Beautiful When Racists Talk about their “Souls?”

For anyone, (any ‘sane’ anyone that is), not dedicated to self –deception in order to make their own juvenile political views appear to be anything other than race hatred and neo fascism, the author of Arizona's immigration law, State Senator Russell Pearce is the man who boldly says what the fearful bigots are not skillful enough to verbalize, and not empowered to propose. But he’s not alone. Congressman Duncan Hunter of California recently said "We're not being mean. We're just saying it takes more than walking across the border to become an American citizenit's what's in our souls." This from a man whose only effort made toward becoming an American was that his parents fucked here, and his mother squeezed him out within American borders. In light of Rand Paul’s “explanations” this past week, we should not kid ourselves about racism’s persistence as a worldview in the minds of the middle class and working classes. I won’t discuss the Tea Baggers’ stance on deportation of American-born children, is too laughably moronic and predictable.

Senator Pearce is now telling constituents that he wants to pass a new measure, to revoke citizenship granted to the children born in the United States unless their parents are already citizens. Pearce is squarely aiming at the removal of Mexicans, a popular and easy population to target historically for the last couple of centuries. Nothing takes people’s minds off of an ineffectual elected official who’s done little, than appearing to “do something about the wetbacks.”

Get used to seeing a lot more of this term: “anchor baby.”

Basically, as I’m sure you are able to easily infer, an “anchor” baby is the child of an “illegal” alien whose child is born here, stateside. -Well infer further: this specifically means Mexicans. This is specifically, centrally, and fundamentally about race. No one is proposing Canadians, Poles, Italians and the Irish (Not since the turn of the century anyway) grab their kids and split. Even East Indians, Chinese, Philippinos and West Africans are spared Senator Pearce’s special attention and that of other race baiters we have carelessly elected as legislators… so far. -But eventually, “they’ll come for everybody.” And we know who “they” always is: it’s the eternal cadre of bigots for whom all is never enough.

Rush Limbaugh is still “a big fat idiot” for lying about this issue, and his listeners are racist assholes for playing along. I’ve written before that this entire issue of legalization is about race. It is not about eliminating a perpetual underclass per se, but keeping that underclass perpetually without any rights. These “laws” by Senator Pearce and others are just scams, ensuring an eternal community of migrant laborers for Arizonans and others in the American South West.

It has never been enough for immigrants in America to do the jobs no one else will do, it’s never been enough for immigrants to be paid criminally less for doing dirty, dangerous work. Immigrants have to be humiliated in America; they have to be miserable and afraid for their lives, or a bunch of cowboy-booted creeps will start to scream, bitch and moan about how unfair life is.

But this isn’t a new development, just last year, ninety-two members of Congress proposed a bill that would further amend the 14th Amendment so that children born in the United States would not be granted citizenship if their parents aren’t already citizens…

So what exactly is in the “souls” of Americans who think it’s just fine to keep exploiting generations of people for centuries and deny them any possibility of benefiting from their own hard work and sacrifice? …Certainly not a hint of irony or shame as Mexican immigrants endure race hatred and legalized persecution in the actual places they named centuries ago, like Texas, Arizona… New Mexico.

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Jack Jodell said...

Duncan Hunter, the teabaggers, and all other far-right conservatives are, by nature, cynical and paranoid. They do not trust, nor do they understand, people who are not just like they are in terms of race, color, creed, or economic standing - nor do they even want to. (Throw in a gallon of outright ignorance and you have Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann too). This explains, but does not excuse, their racism and hatred. It is unfathomable to intelligent, sensitive, and rational people (i.e. the author and readers of this blog). We can only pity the irrationally fearful conservatives. But meanwhile, we can also stand against and voice strong opposition to profiling laws like those enacted in Arizona.

tnlib said...

I've said for a long time that all of this is blatent racism. Interesting that it comes out during the administration of a black president but never even hinted at under a white president. But it's not racism!

The wealthy who support this law are the very ones who hire illegals to do their slave labor.
McCain supports deporting them but employers should not be prosecuted for hiring them. That means people like him.

SJ said...

True. I'm still standing with you. I think it's very difficult for us all when people interested in keeping others down will not admit to what they are in fact doing.
At some point language will have to be made to serve its original, prinicpal intended purpose: to tell each other exactly what is on our minds.

I remember you citing that the chief complainers are complicit in the immigration "problem" and I agree. I think if you force payment of the minimum wage to EVERYONE on the planet for example, not only will you no longer have an incentive to hire non citizens, but you won't have jobs going over seas either.
Not that most Americans could live on minimum wage anyway, so you would still have Mexicans crossing the borders for jobs, just in fewer numbers. But this elite class you mention doesn't want that. The loudest voices in this "debate" are the persons most dedictaed to a non-resolution.

TomCat said...

Souls in the GOP? Ass-souls maybe.

SJ said...

you read my intentions and meaning perfectly sir.