Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It Is Alive!

Since I have been unable to come up with a topic to post about and I'm pretty sure that no one reads this blog anymore, I think I'll just go back to putting up some random thoughts from time to time. Today's Random Thought is that Born to Run, by Bruce Springsteen, is probably the most perfect rock and roll song I've ever heard. It's about desperation, urgency, love, rebellion, and ultimately about escaping the bonds of complacency and reaching for a dream. All are themes that rock and roll are built on, but I think this one does the best of putting them all together. There's a great sax solo and an iconic guitar solo to boot. I know they put Chuck Berry on the disc that they included on the Voyager,(and is now sailing somewhere through the Milky Way)as an example of Rock and roll music, but I would have chosen this one as the best example of the art form. Just my opinion and my random thought for today.
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Jack Jodell said...

Good to hear from you Mycue23! As you know, I've been preoccupied in recent weeks with my mom's illness, death, and funeral, so I haven't been making the rounds as much as previously. And since you and SJ have both been absent for relatively long periods of time, I've not stopped by that much. But now I'm back in the groove, and I encourage both you and SJ to be, too.

I think you have summarized this classic song very well. I would add that it is also about youthful impatience, restlessness, and impulsiveness, qualities that have always served our human race well.

Your blog is NOT dead. Speaking for many, I am sure, we want to see a lot more of you guys more often!

SJ said...

I'd cast my vote for the Rolling Stones' Satisfaction, or Steppenwolf's Born to Be Wild, but I was never much for Saxophones in rock n' roll (Except for The Saints and INXS).
That said, the Boss just plain rules. I saw him at the Meadowlands in 2005 I think it was, and stood slackjawed at his performance.
...I still think he owes Clarence Clemmons an apology.

Thanks millions. I've been preoccupied with reading your blog and others especially the maelstrom of Mad Mike's America so I've been posting far less regularly, and not adding many comments. I don't feel like a lone voice out there anymore, so I don't feel the same urgency I once did to crowd the soapbox when so many others, like you Jack and Vigilante, Mad Mike, Truth101, Oso, Lazer's Edge, Gwendolyn H Barry, Tom Cat, Manifesto Joe, Teeluck... ...and here I go again, about to name every blogger I read- -already speak, if not my mind, then my concerns. Every time Holte Ender writes something, I pretty much go "Yeah, that's what I would've said"
and you know Jack, it's not altogether a bad feeling at all.
Keep it going brother.
I'm hoping we all get together, as Roger Daltrey once famously sang "Before we get much older..."

Sue said...

hi Mycue, great to read a new post from you. There are so many great lefty bloggers but that doesn't mean we can't all talk at the same time! LOL! I find if I don't leave alot of comments then the comments on my blog slow down alot. So, get your buttookiss out there and comment away!

How 'bout some Aerosmith oldies, my favorite!

Jack Jodell said...

SJ and mycue23,
I agree with Sue that it's perfectly fine to have all of us lefties talking at the same time, and that's why I hope to see a lot more from you guys. We all have a unique insight, past experience, lesson from history, etc. to share on any given topic, and I, for one, find sampling different slices of the same pie to be a delicious experience. So fill us up, guys! :-)

Tim said...

Well, it just shows how wrong you can be. I stop by everyday just in case you post. I'm glad you are.
I'm a blues guy, and as far as I'm concerned Bruce and the gang are blues. Look at that guitar he's playing.Fender tele, swamp ash body,maple neck...yeah he's blues.