Friday, June 25, 2010

Remembering Michael Jackson

I’m just taking this day to remember Michael Jackson, and what an accomplished child molester he was. I’m taking the day to reflect on this and remember his contributions to the long tradition of pederasty and child abuse in Western civilization because everyone seems to want me to forget it today.

Well, fat chance America.

Just calling Michael Jackson a great entertainer and the ‘King of Pop’ makes about as much sense now as just referring to Charlie Manson as a singer songwriter.

Jackson is dead. He clearly had no easy life despite his wealth and fame, but sorry, none of the counter rationalizations about racism, even his own personal history of mental and physical abuse at the hands of his own father can erase the fact that Michael Jackson was a devoted molester of children. The attempts to soften or obfuscate the magnitude of Jackson’s pedophilia with charges and excuses of pervasive racist persecution or ongoing homophobia suffered by Jackson are just panicked reactionary defenses from fans. Nobody on Earth needs to have Michael Jackson explained to them: he tried to run hard and fast from his ‘blackness’ with every surgical trick he could buy, (and he had a lot of money). Jackson was not Gay, he never had a romantic relationship with any adult that was more than a contrived PR stunt. For the record, Gays engage in relationships with consenting adults, they are not interested in children, therefore Michael Jackson was not Gay. He was a persistent and dedicated predator of children who had to leave the country for a time in order to continue being an out of control weirdo. None of his gold records can erase that fact.

I have no problem saying that Michael Jackson was one of the most talented singer songwriters and entertainers I’ve ever seen. -I also have no problem saying that he was a monster in the same breath.

I have no problem saying Michael Jackson was an unrepentant sexual predator of children who just happened to be a great entertainer anymore than I would have trouble saying:

Robert Blake is a liar who shot his wife to death, who happens to be an actor.
Roman Polanski drugged and raped a 12 year old girl, and happens to have made some really great movies.
OJ Simpson was one of the greatest running backs to ever play in the NFL, and also happens to have murdered two people.
Woody Allen is still married to his daughter, and happens to have made some great movies.
Mel Gibson is a raging anti-Semite and happens to have made a few great movies.
Matthew Broderick killed two people in Ireland.

I don’t know why we have such a tough time as a country accepting that accomplished, talented people can be entirely awful, shitty human beings.
It’s childish.
It’s what’s at the heart of our persecution of politicians for extramarital affairs. Frankly, I couldn’t give a shit if Mark Sanford cheated on his wife with some Argentinean piece of ass, and neither should anyone else who actually cares about their government and country. The issue is that he probably traveled to fuck her with tax payer dollars, -or- hey, how about judging Sanford on his actual record (which is reason enough actually) and not feigning outrage just because he happens to be a Republican (but in this case a hypocrite which is a legitimate reason to pillory any politician who runs on “family values.”)

We can’t separate who someone is, from what wrongs they have done, or use one quality to negate another in considering the character and worth of our elected leaders and cultural icons.

So remember Michael Jackson for who he was: a drug addled, pill popping child molester, and the man who hadn’t made a good record since 1983’s Thriller and not what he died as, -a fondly remembered entertainer excused by all his adoring fans for all his trespasses against the most defenseless among us: children.

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Mycue23 said...

Damn, that's harsh. Did you get up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

SJ said...

I guess I wanna be startin' somethin'.

Tim said...

I guess we do that with all our memories. We tend to look back at our childhood with rose colored glasses.
Friends and relatives who have died, we tend to think of them in a kinder light. I don't know, maybe it's just human nature. Perhaps our way of dealing with the bad in the world.
Even past years, we kind of gloss over the bad stuff and pine for the good old days. I think of Jackson as a talented man child, who had demons in him. Certainly not an excuse but I still recognize he had talent. just some thoughts...

SJ said...

I'm with you on that. I bought the man's records, still love a vast swathe of his work, but he and many more celebs and entertainers than I was able to recall and list have gotten a pass on some despicable activity. I don't think we can pretend they didn't do what they did, I gues the question I'm asking is, why do we?

Jack Jodell said...

We tend to exalt our sports figures and entertainers to an unnatural degree, especially after they have died.Michael Jackson, like Elvis, like Marilyn Monroe, like all the others you mentioned, was a flawed human being, just as we all are. His excesses were worse than most of ours, and his talent was greater than most of ours. But to hero-worship him and elevate him to superhuman status is foolish. So I read you and agree, SJ. But I also see him as a pathetically lonely and tragic figure. It doesn't excuse what he did, but it explains his terrible excesses.

SJ said...

Absolutely agreed Jack.

Manifesto Joe said...

Maybe it's because I'm an old fart, but I'm still trying to figure out exactly what MJ's special talents were. A few good songs -- but nothing I'd want to keep. Nothing I care to stream on pandora or Was he a groundbreaker, an innovator? Like Ellington, Stevie Wonder, Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis, etc?

Pullleeeeaazzzz! (But, I have the same reservations about the vastly overrated Elvis.)

SJ said...

@Manifesto Joe,
Jackson couldn't have carried Mr. Wonder's balls with twin ladles, but his talents and creativity were formidable, even as a child performer ironically enough.
For instance, many of the tracks and prodcution on the Thriller album, (which he produced with Quincy Jones) pushed the limits of what was possible with recording and mixing technology of the time (pre pro-tools era) according to Paul McCartney who collaborated on a track with him on that album. -Wow, for a moment there I almost forgot he was a child molester... almost.

Gwendolyn H. Barry said...

I still don't know... I hear you, but I can't say I think it's true. Then again, perhaps I am too enamored of his talents...?
A good think piece to me... :!

Oso said...

I don't know why so many gave him a pass for so long, myself included. Maybe the childlike aura he created was his defense;he seemed sexless. Yet here was a 30-40-50 year old man kicking it with little kids, sleeping with little kids.

SJ said...

@ Gwen, Oso,
Speaking of excusing famous people, old Mel seems to have really done it this time, as far as convincing the world he's an abusive racist asshole.
I still like his performance in "The Year of Living Dangerously"... even though he's an abusive racist asshole

forever-a-student said...

Its just hard for me to even try to make a judgement about Michael's reported activities. Unless you are an active participant or a true witness, I have a hard time understanding why anyone would care to devote so much time to slamming the man. Leave the slamming to the "victims" and their parents. leave the dead where they are and lets concentrate on the living.....cause you just might need to turn your eye on a neighbor, or a friend, or an uncle, or even a wife, sister or other words.....leave Michael alone please. This is something you should have done while he was alive. did you get a license to investigate and devote your time to the cause of liberating all of his "victims"? clean up your own backyard before you slam a dead man......(notice, this had nothing to do with his artistic greatness)

Tiger-Zone said...

you are a jackass stupid bitch who woke up on the wrong side which i hope is hell

modcall said...

I have no problem telling you that after 17 year of being the most vetted person on the planet not one shred of proof has been found that proves Jackson was guilty of anything and your opinion is based on trash. Not only that, but even after almost two years since his death not one of the dozens of other "victims" have come forward to accuse him of anything - because there aren't any. You must be a still jealous white man.

Darslow said...

And what "wrongs" have you committed in your lifetime.

Megan said...

Completely agree with modcall and forever a student. So much hate for someone you don't know. I'm sorry, but Michael in my mind is not a child molester. Never was. With such a childlike personality and so much love he was such an easy target for jealous money seeking parents and for the media. People fed off the fact that Michael can't explain himself well and that he's so "different", but I'm sorry, who are we to say what's normal? And, no, I was not a forever fan of MJ who is just in denial about what people are accussing my superstar of doing. No, I became a fan of Michael AFTER his accusations. I used to be disappointed and kind of disgusted that this huge icon was such a horrible person inside. Then finally I decided to stop being ignorant. I decided to finally do some research of my own and not sit back and turn whatever the media fed me into my own opinion. The accusations are ridiculous. Michael was an amazing loving man. He had the heart of an angel, and I am disgusted, completely disgusted at how people took advantage of such a sweet man.

Love you, Michael. L.O.V.E.

kat said...


akyrawright said...

stupid ass if i new where u lived id kick yo ass 4 sayin dis shit so fuck u and ur group of haters bitch

MJ is not a molester hes the best bad person in da world


SimplyComplicated said...

Some ignorant people here need to research court documents, Michael DID NOT PAY the Chandlers, it was his EPIC RECORDS insurance which paid off the accuser to settle the CIVIL CASE so they can all proceed to the Criminal case which means fighting WITH evidence not hearsay. The judge REFUSED to hear a Criminal Case before the civil case was through. The settlement documents clearly state that it was settlement for negligence (not molestation) and that the prosecution (Chandlers) ARE ALLOWED to pursue the criminal case afterwards against Jackson. It was settled for $15M USD The settlement DID NOT SILENCE ANYONE because filing a criminal case is heavier and entails putting the culprit in jail. Instead of pursuing a criminal case, the Chandlers ATE THE MONEY and RAN. Why? Coz LAPD and the Chandlers DID NOT HAVE ANY SINGLE EVIDENCE against Michael apart from Jordan's testimony WHICH HE MADE while he was drugged by his own father with Sodium Amytal--a hypnotic drug. Jordan refused to lie after.

Michael Jackson DID NOT PAY this ****** family. He had a career insurance which is for being a contract artist of EPIC RECORDS, and his contract that time was for $100 MILLION DOLLARS. He had obligations for EPic Records and going thru this CIVIL CASE would mean Epic could lose 100M and thats why they stepped in to settle the case for Jackson at $15M which compared to losing 100M is small for EPIC. Now, if you check the leaked Settlement documents, the settlement WAS NOT for MOLESTATION. It was for NEGLECT and the settlement documents specifically state that the CHANDLERS ARE ALLOWED TO FILE A CRIMINAL CASE after the civil case is settled. That means that settlement DID NOT SILENCE anyone. Now the Chandlers chose to eat the money and run, why so? Because CRIMINAL CASES UNLIKE CIVIL CASES requires CONCRETE EVIDENCE WITNESSES which the Chandlers did NOT HAVE. There was ZERO match with the ******* photos, NO witnesses, and ZERO EVIDENCE even after LAPD ransacked Neverland.