Monday, July 19, 2010

Basterd! That's right with an E!

I guess my random thoughts aren't all that frequent. Trust me, I'm trying, but apparently my brain is a rocky place where interesting thoughts can find no purchase. Anyway, I recently watched a few of the best picture candidates from last year and came out with the distinct thought that Inglorious Basterds was the best of the bunch. The Hurt Locker didn't strike me as anything particularly new or original and Avatar was "Dances with Smurfs". Up in the Air was quite entertaining, but didn't really have the weight of something that I would consider as best picture material. Tarantino has always been the most original of directors working in the big budget world of Hollywood. His movies are always the sum total of his ideas. If he wants to make a kung fu movie with an homage to every bad 70's Shaw brothers movie, then that's what he does. If he wants to make a movie based on all the bad action drive in movies that he saw growing up, then that's what he does. He has been more successful in converting those ideas to the screen in some of his movies as opposed to others, but he always hits the target that he's aiming at. Inglorious Basterds gives us an alternative view of WWII and while you'll be reminded of movies like "The Dirty Dozen", the actual execution of the movie is something entirely different. I won't give away any plot points, but it was surprising on many levels. It was also fun. And Hollywood definitely needs a little bit more of that.
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Tim said...

Hmm trying to leave a comment.

I'll try again... love the new look and always look for a new post.

Mycue23 said...

Thanks for stopping by. I wish I could come up with more to say, but it has been rather slow going of late. By the way, is that Gretsch in your status picture? What model, what year? I used to have a 2001 western myself. Great guitars.

Sue said...

Mycue I wish I could comment on these movies but I haven't seen any of them. I don't watch many movies, I don't have the attention span to sit still for 2 or more hours! I do watch Toy Story twice a day cuz of the 3yr old, does that count? LOL

Put on Ed Schultz, he'll get you fired up to write something juicy about the rethuggery!

Tim said...

You have a good eye. It's a gretsch,my wife just bought it for me.
It's the electromatic. I love it.

I have an LTD and a one made up from parts that a friend of mine made.
The one that's made from parts is the one that plays best. I haven't found it's equal.
Do you still play?

Mycue23 said...

Yep, I still fool around on the guitar every now and then. I'm down to just one (a mid 90's Telecaster) these days though. I used to have have a few more though at one point or the other I've owned 4 Gretsch models. I'm a sucker for a 6120 with dyansonics though. Eddie Cochran and Brian Setzer are particular favorites of mine. One of these days I'll get another Gretsch although I think I might just get an electromatic. I've realized that my limited talent doesn't do justice to a guitar that costs over a grand.