Thursday, July 22, 2010

Brief Respite

The president is still learning on the job. He makes mistakes (sometimes horrendous ones), but I honestly believe that he is as good as it's going to get in this political atmosphere. There is nothing I would like more than a real progressive president, who makes bold moves and helps the people who need help the most. However, we vote for President and not for king. Was health care, financial reform, etc. a lot less than we could have hoped for? Of course, but would it have even been on the agenda for a Republican president? I don't think so. And spare me the, "what we need is a real progressive in the office" language. First of all, a "real progressive" couldn't win the office of President. Anyone with a record of pushing a true left leaning agenda would be destroyed by the right wing press before they even got a chance at the White House. We live in a country where millions of people can be convinced to vote against their own self interest by lies and slogans. And if by some miracle they were elected, they would face a Congress who care more about being re-elected and sucking up to the money men and women who line their pockets than helping those among us who need help the most.

I do not live in the dreamland where this perfect leader exists. I can be disappointed in the President, but I am under no illusion that someone else would be pushing through bolder initiatives. The Congress is ineffective at best and crooked at worst. How exactly would this supposed messiah push through single payer, meaningful wall st. reform and economic stimulus when he's facing a bunch of people who only care about covering their own ass? It's disappointing to have people talk about sitting out the next election. That's perfectly fine, but if you do sit out then you should lose the right to complain about what comes next.

Do I think the President could do a better job? Do I think that the people in the White House should be smarter than allowing themselves to be duped by the noise machine at Fox news? Of course I do, but that doesn't mean that I'm ready to jump ship. I live in the real world. Anyone want to join me?
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SJ said...

why do you hate America?
just kidding.
Yeah man, I hear this nonsense all the time on the train:

"Obama's not a real Progressive."
"Obama's not acting like a Democrat."
"Obama's copping out."
"Obama's playing to the middle."
"Obama's playing to the right."
"Obama's a traitor to the Left."
"Obama didn't cure my jock itch."

Would everybody please grow the fuck up?
BTW the reason he can't do any of the shit he promised the way he said he would is because all the people who voted for him went back to hanging out in bars, watching TV and stopped calling the Congress, the Senate.
Healthcare reform (which I don't believe was a weak package btw) fell short and lost the public option because too many people decided to coast, or worse bought into all the lobby sponsored hype about Healthcare Reform.
My healthcare coverage actually means something now.
Thank you Mr. President. That was "a very big fucking deal."

tnlib said...

A big thanks to both of you. I just came from a site where the usual nay-sayers were already condemning Obama and saying he must go. Sometimes my Democratic friends seems to be just as ignorant and spoiled as the conservatives. I'm glad I came by - feel a little better now.

Sue said...

If democrats would stop listening to rightwing pundits, those fearmongering, lying, bullshitting wingnuts, we would realize how blessed we are as a country to have the highly intelligent and very competent President Obama! Would I like hime to show a little more force?? Yes, But I will Not turn my back on President Obama, he deserves our respect and our patience. As enormous as his job is, he is taking it step by step and doing just what he promised us he would do. Thank you Mr. President!

Mycue23 said...

Sue & Leslie,
Thanks for dropping by. I know that we haven't given you much reason to do so this year. I'm not really ready to jump back into the fray, but I just had to say something in response to the people who seem to have forgotten what life was like under GWB. I haven't forgotten and it pains me that people, who in theory should know better, act like Obama owes them money. What part of the President's agenda do they think that a Republican administration would have been more effective in enacting? Or even another Democrat? Are people not aware of the political climate that this administration has to wade through? The Left thinks that the President isn't liberal enough, the moderates think he's too liberal and the right just thinks he's a communist. That is the reality that this administration is facing. I guess reality isn't cool these days. I wish we could all float down the river on an inner tube of progressive peace and love, but that reality just doesn't exist. I wish more people would wake up and realize that they have fallen victim to the same right wing noise machine that they so often rail against.
I have been disappointed by some of the actions (or lack thereof) of this administration, but I live in the real world. The alternative would have been a disaster. I'm sure that if people hold their breath and close their eyes, then this magical President who can make everything okay overnight will appear. As for me, I'm keeping my eyes open.

Tim said...

So I hope your not saying, although I see some things that are puzzling or Just plain wrong, That I should be silent. That would make me no different then the lemmings that followed Bush without uttering a word. I'm certainly not advocating he's as bad as Bush. I could give you pages of things that were done and said that just weren't right.
I think both he and us are better than that. Yeah I'm grateful theirs a Democrat in office. I would be just as grateful if Kucinich won.
Clinton, or another good Dem. They too would have my support. Having my support does not mean blind faith. No, As a American, I speak out whomever screws up. I don't think President Obama would have it any other way.

Mycue23 said...

the point is not criticism. If you were a long time reader of this blog, you would see that both SJ and I are very vocal when we feel that this administration is doing something wrong. But criticism and saying thing like "obama must go", or "I'm sitting out the next election", or "someone else could do a better job", are totally different.

My first article that was critical of this administration was on January 27th 2009, just a couple of days after he was sworn in. So much for a honeymoon! However there is a difference between honest criticism and the sort of defeatism that I have seen around the web of late. People wish for someone like Dennis Kucinich as President, but the truth is that he has run for President on at least two occasions and has met with resounding silence from democratic voters across this country. I certainly wish that some ultra progressive could not only win the presidency, but also convince a hostile Congress to go along with every progressive policy in the book. That simply is not going to happen.

I'm not asking for silence, I'm asking for a reality check. I would ask you why you think that someone else could do a better job? Would another democrat face less opposition from the Republicans? Perhaps, but doubtful. Would another democrat have been able to push through more far reaching reform? Perhaps, but doubtful. The point is that that we have the President that we have, and we have the administration that we have. This is the reality that we live in. Wishing and hoping and dreaming that someone else had the job isn't going to do anyone a damn bit of good.

Being critical is good, checking out is bad. Providing alternatives is good, deciding not to vote is bad. We have to work with what we have and that is all I'm saying.

Tim said...

Unfortunately for me I just kinda discovered you guys. For me Obama has my support and if he decides to run again I'll be there. I just think it's good to voice, otherwise how would he get the temperature of his constituents. Love the look of your site and hope to get a better feel.
As for poor Dennis I was using him as the outcast. But even an outcast would be better than any Republican and would have my support.
My wish is that President Obama would stop trusting the Right. Embrace the people that brought him to the dance. Perhaps pick better advisers. One more thing as I don't want to take up your time, I'm an old fart and remember another Good Man who tried, did his best, and then was abandoned. Jimmy Carter.
I don't want that to happen again.

Gwendolyn H. Barry said...

Well, Sandy... does that include Netroots and millions of students who are screamin' mad at him? But... I digress...
Mycue... gee, it is a pleasure to come and read someone's actual thoughts on the whole thing. I adore your loyalty. While I realize our President is a brilliant man... I'm very disappointed ... but I'm reposting you on FB anyhooo! We should all share our ideals and values! Yours, are sincere and well said.
me... I'm bitching a lot lately! LOL
:-) ghb

Oso said...

Hi Mycue,
I feel an affinity with both you and SJ, which causes me to feel you understand my frustration and understand it's because I feel so much more should have been accomplished.

I understand what you write, objectively you are far closer to reality than me but I don't have the emotional makeup to think rationally most of the time. Does that make sense?

I had a professor in college who explained to me that Indians have a "break but don't bend" response to distress while others are "bend but don't break".

So maybe I can't help it :)

Thanks for being real and for being the kind of person we need far more of.

Teeluck said...
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Teeluck said...

I remember the immortal words of Fuckhead Rumsfeld, and we go with what we have not what we want or need. People should remember this...after all, we put a Lion in there, the Repuglickers want a pussy cat and some of us want a three headed Dragon that will solve everything. I understand what he faces and how far he can go with a spineless, I'm alright with where he has reached so far, I am sure he will continue to do more for us than we could do for ourselves, and some of us should understand...we beggars are not choosers.

Mycue23 said...

I feel your frustration because I've felt it too. Why did the President waste so much time reaching a hand out to people whose only intention was to bite it? Why was he not more forceful in demanding a public option for the health care bill? Why does he fall for every trick that Fox news and the far right pull? I can't answer any of those questions. What I do know is that his heart is in the right place. If he fails to meet the lofty goals that so many had set for him, it is not out of lack of desire for those things. He is, after all, a political being and as such is bound by the limitations of the office that he holds and the party that he owes his allegiance to. I too wish for more, but that has to be tempered with the understanding of what can actually be done.

I understand that some expected more, hell I expected more, but it has only been 18 months. It took Roosevelt until the start of WWII to finally bring the country back to something resembling full employment. Have we gotten so impatient and short sighted that without immediate results, we start to look elsewhere? And I would argue that the Obama administration has accomplished some truly monumental things.

I don't ask for blind approval of this administration. I only ask that you look at the past 18 months in comparison to the previous 96 and ask yourself honestly if you think that there is no difference. Hope is a big and powerful weapon and Obama used it to his advantage in the last election. The problem with such an emotional message is that the payoff, at least in political terms, cannot possibly match the promise. That is what Obama faces today. The enthusiasm that fueled his election has given way to reality. Have changes been made? Yes, but they do not have the impact of the word HOPE. Hope can quickly turn to despair in the face of continued hardship. Hope is like a drug. The high is great, but when you come down, it feels worse than ever.

Perhaps we need a methadone program for the entire country.

As always Oso, thanks for stopping by. We always appreciate your comments.

TRUTH 101 said...

Ever since he was elected President Obama had been advised to move toward the center as Clinton did.

One doesn't automatically know it all the first time he/she steps into the oval office. Obama is incredibly smart. It takes time to learn how to work with your people and the enemies of Working Americans. (Republicans)

I don't dig the health care bill for it's limited scope. I wish more could have been done but Obama has to work with what he has to work with. His presidency is not over yet. I'll get pisssed when republicans obstruct and water down legislation. But getting started is an accomplishment. The longer Obama is in office the more influence he gains. Republicans in swing districts will have no choice but to join Obama in strengthening the bills that are important to us as time goes on.

We'll get there. It will take time. Supply side reaganomics has had 30 years to cripple us with deficits and massive wealth distribution in favor of the wealthiest. It's going to take time to fix this mess. Longer than Obama's two terms which I fully believe he will have. After the 2012 election we damn well better be thinking of 2016. We can't afford as a Nation to allow the Cantors, Boehners and Bachmans to control our government.