Friday, July 23, 2010

Emancipation Proclamation

Random thought for the day: Magic Johnson and Michael Jordon need to shut the fU@K up about LeBron James and his decision to sign with the Miami Heat. First of all Magic Johnson happened to end on a team with two of the fifty greatest players of all time. Of course he wouldn't have tried to play on the same team as Larry Bird. Why should he? He came out of college and went right to a team that was ready to win an NBA championship. In Magic's first year in the league, he played alongside the MVP and eventual all time scorer in the NBA. He was joined by James Worthy two years later. He also had the benefit of a perennial first team all defensive player in Michael Cooper. If Lebron James had the fortune to be drafted on such a well stocked team I think his decision would have been a little different. So Magic STFU!

As far as Michael Jordan goes, he didn't win shit in his first seven years in the league and that was after playing 3 years in college. By his standard, Lebron James still has two more years before he has to produce a championship. Michael Jordon didn't win shit until he got teamed up with another top 50 player in Scottie Pippen. And as MJ showed in his hall of fame speech, he is a classless man. For what reason, I'm not sure, considering he has been given a pass by the public for all of his failings as a husband, father and frankly as a human being. However, he couldn't wait to say that he would never have done what Lebron had done. MJ STFU!

And frankly Charles Barkley needs to STFU too. He unsuccessfully chased a ring at the end of his career by going to Houston and teaming up with fellow top 50 players Clyde Drexler and Hakeem Olajuwan. He also had to chime in and say that he wouldn't have done what Lebron had done. Really Charles? Really? You need to STFU!

Last time I checked Lebron James was a FREE AGENT. Do these people not understand what that means? He wanted to go and play with his friends, who just happen to include one of the best 3 players in the league and the best big man available. It's that simple. His decision doesn't diminish the legacy of those who went before him, but some of the greatest players of all time sure did jump in to make sure that they got their two cents in to try and diminish Lebron's legacy. There is nothing worse than an old ballplayer telling you how much better the players and the game were when they played. That's what Magic, MJ and Charles are doing now. They just need to STFU! I haven't heard from Larry Bird yet, but he should remember that he also played alongside Kevin McHale, who just happens to be on that list of the 50 greatest players of all time.
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Tim said...

To tell you the truth, I don't give two cents what this guy does. I didn't watch his big decision on TV or read about it. It's such a none issue for me. As far as those other players, I don't care what they say either. Lebron should follow his own self and play his heart out. Old Sports Players never have learned to be quiet. Look at all the crap DiMaggio gave Mantle. See I am old.

Oso said...

My daughters always remind me of our being in the airport watching the 1993 finals and the three of us chanting "No Ring for Chuck". I always despised him for being a Republican, although I've heard his politics have improved of late.

"No Ring for Chuck" is such a part of family lore that it was only during this past season that my youngest told me she'd never knew what it meant, the both of them just like the chant. Both girls hard core Laker-Raider fans.

MadMike said...

Good stuff here MyCue. Don't hesitate to cross post if the muse strikes you.

TRUTH 101 said...

The owners would not have loyalty to to their players. They would all trade them if the economics made sense.

LeBron went to where he thought he could win. He wanted to play alongside his buddies. More power to him.