Friday, July 30, 2010

The Gentleman from New York Is Recognized...

Sometimes Congressman Weiner leaves me absolutely speechless, as in the footage above from yesterday.

He actually smacks the mic on exit.


Jack Jodell said...

I rank Anthony Weiner alongside Alan Grayson and Dennis Kucinnich as our finest representatives in the U.S. House. They are all fabulous in that they look out for the average citizen, call the Republicans on the carpet, and speak truth to power. This guy is truly earning his paycheck, and the country would be far better off with many more of him!

Mycue23 said...

Anthony Weiner should be in a death cage match with Eric Cantor.

SJ said...

Amen. That would be a hell of a second Mount Rushmore decades from now wouldn't it?

That would be like putting a mouse in a bag with a tom cat wielding a chainsaw... -which is to say I'd pay to see that.

Tim said...

Mycue OMG Jew fight...just kidding

I posted this too as it was a great moment in time. WoHo Dems have Balls.

Manifesto Joe said...

I wish we had a few more like Anthony Weiner. From Texas, our 32 "representatives" in the House are generally a dismal bunch. The only one I can think of who might have done anything like this is Lloyd Doggett, who represents the Austin area. The rest are a bunch of straw people. My highest admiration for Mr. Weiner.

SJ said...

you should see the way his constituents (Largely Greek and Hispanic district) yell at him on the street, I think that's where he gets it from...

SJ said...

@Manifesto Joe,
yeah Weiner's too rare a breed. I whole-heartedly agree with your wish to see more "give-a-shit" Democrats.
...Although I have to tell you Joe, I've been seeing comments from other bloggers that accuse Weiner of "grandstanding." I think they'd revise that opinion if they actually looked at/heard what Rep. Peter King from Long Island said just before Weiner lost his mind (I couldn't find any video of that online, but saw it on C-Span.)
There were even some folks at Mad Mike's America where I occassionally blog that tried to equate him with Senator John Boehner, or equate Weiner's outrage with Boehner's past theatrics.
His support of Israel has also been used to neutralize the fact that he repeatedly takes a stand when other Democrats remain silent. Honestly I no longer have the energy to repeatedly point out that equalizing Democrats and Republicans is exactly what the right wants to do now, and it's all they can do with their eight year to thirty year record as chief administrators and lawmakers. The GOP strategy is to say that we should ignore their crimes, mistakes and the important issues of the day, because they insist there's no difference between themselves and the Democrats.
It's a huge snow job.
But sadly, I'm hearing more and more of this lame horse-shit from Progressives and Independents.
NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg tried to assert that the Democratic majority could have ensured the bill by structuring its passage to bypass the 2/3's vote they employed: This is also horse shit as structuring a pure majority would have gotten them tremendous backlash here in New York, and state Republicans here would have engaged in even more obstruction, if that can even be imagined.
It's like Weiner said: Support the bill, -then vote yes. If "No" then don't, but don't hide behind procedure. The Democrats almost unanimously voted this in. The Republicans made excuses, and tried to blame the Democrats for their "No" votes that killed the bill until September.
Pure horse shit.