Saturday, August 28, 2010

Nice Try.

I recycled a photo I created for the last piece I wrote on Glenn Beck, because that’s just how much time and attention this clown deserves this morning.

The most dishonorable and criminal thing that Conservatives, Republicans and all the hordes of Establishment propping shills in the media; like the whole of the Fox "News" Network, Newsmax and other purveyors of right wing fantasy, do is lie. The Right lies so brazenly and openly about their motives and their intentions and they do it with such sustained dedication, that the truth is often obscured by the simple exhaustion of journalists tired of reminding people of the facts.

Glenn Beck wants you to accept his excuse that his event today is just a coincidence in scheduling, but unless you are the kind of fucking fool who actually watches his cable show with the rapt attention more appropriate for actual news, -you can see this is a lie.

Can I or anyone read Beck’s mind and prove otherwise?
Of course not.

But childishly citing the absence of telepathy as the reason to accept this jackass’s excuse that he is trying to organize a “take back” of the Civil rights movement while unknowingly doing it on the anniversary of one of the most important dates in American history and Civil rights history, -is just more lying by Beck, Fox News, Rupert Murdoch and their PR teams.

The result and consequence of this rally is the same, -a desperate attempt at thinning and obscuring an important date in civil rights history with bullshit because there is an African American in the White House.

“Nice try, asshole.”

While Glenn Beck may have succeeded in fulfilling the wishes of Americans so scared to think for themselves that they’ll watch some unqualified jerkoff like him scribble Conservative paranoia on a black board, the vast majority of the world and Americans remain keenly aware that Glenn Beck’s time on TV, his public appearances, his “books” are all just one big publicity stunt. Like Sarah Palin, no paid hypocrisy, or promise of exposure is too immoral or dishonorable to turn down for Beck. …Otherwise why would Beck try to glom off of Dr. King’s legacy?

What I’ll do today, is what I do with all of the contemporary Right’s recent sad attempts at intellectual legitimacy, and political legacy: I’ll ignore it, just as I ignore the cheesy car dealership ads that pop up on Lincoln’s birthday every year.
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Mycue23 said...

To paraphrase the immortal Bela Lugosi in "Ed Wood", Glenn Beck isn't fit to smell the shit of all the hard working people that he's duped into believing that he has a corner on the "truth".

Tim said...

I happen to think they can't be ignored. I'm of the mindset they have to be called out for the lies and hate. My way there's nothing to lose.
Ignoring them may make them stronger.
My two cents

Sue said...

I like highlighting the lies and hypocrisy too. I think we need to stay on top of these assholes like Beck and Palin. We can't turn our backs and pretend they don't exist, they are too dangerous. But I do agree with your description of the Beckerhead, SJ

SJ said...

you've got a real good point there Tim. But I sometimes think that Beck and others gain much by people saying they're "offended."
I agree as you're suggesting, that calling them out is an imperative.
If I take your meaning correctly, it's more akin to pointing out that they are yelling "fire" in a crowded restaurant and pointing out the reasons they are doing it, as opposed to just getting angry about it.
Point taken Tim. Thanks.

SJ said...

Thanks Sue, you've convinced me.
Turning the other cheek and turining a blind eye is probably not the best prescription for this particular American disease we are currently suffering from.

Shaw Kenawe said...

I, like Sue, am cataloging Beck's hypocrisies.

What is so discouraging about this sorry episode we witnessed this weekend is that the people who admire this jackass know next to nothing about him, his racist past, and his fake "Christianity."

Christians do NOT accept Mormons as fellow Christians. They regard them as a Satanic cult. And yet this fekknozzle tried to pass himself off as some sort of modern day Elmer Gantry.

Turn America back to god? America is right up there with the Middle Eastern countries as one of the MOST religious countries in the world. America is the most religious country of all western democries.

Another instance of Beck not knowing what the hell he's talking about.

The fact that he's a clueless trou de cul doesn't stop his admirers from following him into more darkness and hatred.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Sorry. "democracies." I'm a lousy typist.

SJ said...

you're right on of course.
He's part of a wave of these faux journalists that crawled to the fore during the Monica Lewinsky scandal, when networks saw a need and an opportunity to pepper the news with coverage that is not news but more entertaining to many. Let's face it, Sean Hannity wearing a suit and tie and theatrically holding a pen while talking to someone is hilairious and sad at the same time.
As for Beck, I remember this comedian from CNN, slowly but surely he's mananged to occupy the same space in the imagination of some Americans as a actual newsman. He's closer to Howard Beale in every respect.
Thanks for stopping by.

Craig said...

What is Glenn Beck's worst enemy? Silence!

Glenn Beck, and the rest of the fear-hungry, hate-generating talking heads on ALL networks, thrive on argument and "debate." It's unfortunate that the majority of Americans go to these shows for their facts instead of merely entertainment.

Networks care about ratings. How do you increase ratings - increase emotions. How do you increase emotions - by saying stupid sh*t!

If all those who disagreed with Beck's "views" stopped watching his show, his ratings would drop like a dress on prom night. But, he wouldn't really care much because he's quite wealthy - and that's what it is all about folks - MONEY!

So, let's do America a favor and stop wasting brain cells on the likes of Beck, O'Reilly, Olbermann, and the rest...

Keep up the good work SJ and Mycue!

SJ said...

thanks for the encouragement Craig.
I have to say, I'm frankly somewhat conflicted about what to do about figures like Beck. While, as you're suggesting, I wouldn't waste time watching him, and I agree that not feeding the attention cycle is one of the best things we can do to diffuse him, I also agree with Sue's sentiments above regarding the fact that corporate-sponsored lies cannot ever go uncontested.
The Post-Nixon GOP's "ratf*cking" ethos and MO has been "distraction," pure and simple. Because if you are on the wrong side of an argument, (like making healthcare available to everyone) you don't want that discussion resolved, so the GOP needs to confuse the healthcare reform issue with something else, therefore a tremendous amount of time is wasted trying to refocus the public's attention on the true stakes in any given situation.
Beck is a master of this kind of BS, he'll turn any economic or policy issue into a matter of faith or patriotism, or the most childish of maneuvers: accuse others of the very thing he is doing, like calling the President a racist, while he engages in unprecedented race baiting for a media figure in the 21st century.

Thanks for your enthusiasm, your intellect and energy, Craig.
It's badly needed today.