Friday, October 29, 2010


Lower turn out always benefits the elites, always bolsters the Establishment and reassures the top 1% of the nation’s Wealthy across the board. Nothing makes lobbyists happier than poor, working-class, middle-class, upper-class non-voters who cite “lack of enthusiasm” as their reason to stay home.

“The powers that be” don’t care if you’re Rich, Poor, Black, White, Brown, Man, Woman, Tranny, or a World of War Craft aficionado, -as long as you stay home on Election Day.

The dollars corporate interests and big business spent in the last presidential election and the last Senate and Congressional races go farther if we just act like nothing matters. This is why the Establishment always fights voter registration efforts, anywhere, from the Mission district in San Francisco, to Beverly Hills, to Compton, to Detroit, to Chicago’s Southside, to Park Avenue, to Harlem and all places in between, the non voter is the Establishment’s favorite kind of American: The defeated kind; The kind they don’t have to spend money distracting with ads or lying to in the newsmedia.

When you don’t vote, you have no say. When you have “no say,” you are no different than a royal subject in days of old… save that you did it to yourself.


Vote and vote hard.
Really think about it.
…And, if you do give it some thought, you’ll find there are plenty of reasons to vote for this candidate versus that candidate, or this proposition as opposed that bill… but there is no reason, not a single solitary one not to vote. EVER.

Many people died to set in motion this system, a still evolving one, which was more of an open-ended hope for a future that the founders were humble enough to know they could not imagine for us on parchment in perpetuity. Thomas Jefferson and others understood what they could not bring themselves to pronounce openly; namely that inalienable truth that says “us” means “all” or it just means “some,” and whatsoever was jotted down in the first drafts of our Constitution, -we were never intended to be a nation of “some.”

We’re still working it out. SO VOTE.

We owe them one.
The founders, despite their own criminal flaws, mendacity and self-centered motivations, didn't elect a new king, they laid down the ground work for a system by the people for the people, in an attempt at a “more perfect union.” –Those words were a dare of sorts to be answered by every succeeding generation, and some of our forbears have paid for it in flesh. Too many profited from its loopholes, its abusive legislation, its murderous and exclusionary protections… only to find those abuses and crimes the very reason for changing the Constitution, for the better, for the future.

If you’re going to stay home during this election I ask that you look at a portrait of Frederick Douglass while you stay home, wasting a precious chance to be counted, to be heard, to simply exist in the nation you live in. The shame might just kill you, be you Black, White, Hispanic, Fundamentalist or sane.

I won’t tell you who to vote for or why.

I have faith that if every registered voter came out and fulfilled their civic responsibility to the country, government would improve vastly. More would get done, -and more needs to get done because we’ve only started.


Ignore all the noise, and cast your ballot and think of all the native nations that discovered this country millennia ago, the settlers, the slaves, the exploited, the immigrants and all who gave everything in return for nothing.

Vote because it’s your right, it’s your power and it’s the only way in which this nation can move forward into the light of its proper future.

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Jack Jodell said...

Outstanding reasoning and damn good advice, SJ! I list 10 compelling reasons to bote for all who are not in the upper 1% in my latest post.

Hey, everybody---VOTE!!!

SJ said...

Thanks Jack,
we sent you a DVD earlier this week of our film "The Likes of Us," it should be getting to you any day now.
The nation is still worth fighting for.

Jack Jodell said...

Right on, SJ! Thank you!

Sue said...

yes great post on getting out the vote! Those who cry and whine and complain the most are those who don't vote. VOTE PEOPLE, VOTE!!

(vote dem!) :-)

SJ said...

Many thanks Sue.
Let's hope that those who complain the most do something constructive and vote.
Nothing wrong with complainin' or even whining as far as I'm concerned... they should just vote too.

SJ said...

btw, that bug-eyed bust in the featured image above in this post is of Thomas Paine, the great trouble maker, pain in the ass, and freethinker often co opted by reactionary jackasses in post-George W Bush America... just in case anybody thought it was the other Thomas, -Jefferson that is.

Tim said...

Absolutely right on !!!!

They are trying to intimidate turnout already. I feel like this is 1932 Germany....

SJ said...

vote brother. Vote.

tnlib said...

Excellent. I truly believe deep down that voting is a patriotic duty, a responsibility. And, if people don't vote, they have absolutely no right to complain about anything.

SJ said...

you are categorically and absolutely correct.

SJ said...

After all this cheerleading, -I may not make it to the polls on time tomorrow... I'm gonna have to do an absentee ballot thing if I can...
Ugh. Serenity now.

Manifesto Joe said...

Where I work, we just published an L.A. Times story in which pollsters profiled, for a change, NONVOTERS. They are consistently more liberal, more financially troubled, etc., than likely voters. A majority of them say they want MORE services from government, while a slight majority of likely voters say they want less.

Imagine what a different place this country could be if everybody who is eligible would vote. Where I live, things would certainly be better if all who are eligible would register and turn out.


Oh, BTW, I recognized Tom Paine. The way things are out there in America right now, I'm not sure many people would recognize George Washington. (Many use plastic instead of cash.)

SJ said...

@Manifesto Joe-
Thanks, for the lead on the LA Times story, I'll google it.
I think those conclusions bear out what I have experienced and surmised intuitively, -otherwise why all the interest in shutting down whatever organizations reach out to nonvoters and try to get them registered and active... because they will likely vote for change and oppose propostions that benefit big business.

More people voting is always a good idea.
Maybe we can short circuit some part of this insane corporate rule we are living under.