Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Remember Those Orders, Officer.

Officer, the next time the mayor tells you to go shove it, the next time they threaten to negotiate your contracts by firing masses of you and your fellow cops, remember all the kids you beat, remember all the girls you clubbed and shoved to the ground this past weekend. Remember all the people who you maced in the name of “order.” Remember all of the people you committed acts of violence against. Remember those people you hit in the face for exercising their right to assemble.

I don’t think you’ll so easily forget: it’s the people you are beating up.

Exactly who is it that you serve and protect, officer?
Who are you going to beat up over the nagging voices in your head?
Who are you going to beat up when you realize what end of the leash you are on?


Mycue23 said...

I'm pretty sure you're aware of my opinion of the men in blue. Bullies with badges. The lot of them.

SJ said...

Add hypocrisy to that list of familiar fascist traits Mycue23.
After all, who's going to bust their heads when they, the city's police, decide to march because they haven't gotten wage increases or because the terms of their pensions are being rewritten?
When the time comes they'll wonder why nobody wants to take to the streets with them.
I see some skinny kid being thrown to the ground like that (in the video, I mean seriously what kind of a threat was he?) and I wonder just how little self respect you have to possess to walk around following orders that mandate the brutalizing of someone that could be young enough to be your own son.
But what the hell. We grew up in the Bronx right? This shit happens every minute of every day doesn't it.
It happened to us more than once.

Leslie Parsley said...

I saw an interview with one of the protesters on MSNBC. He said that, in general, most of the cops acted very decently. He pointed out that they, the protesters, did not hate the cops and he said pretty much what you say - the cops are part of the 99%. Deep down, I think most of the men in blue know this.

The few who were out of line hurt the entire force. They will never be fired but they should be given desk jobs in precinct basements. The copper who pepper sprayed the woman has been involved in previous acts of overstepping.

Mycue23 said...

I have to disagree with you about cops being part of the 99%. They are bullies and racists. They use the badge to live out their paranoid fantasies with complete protection from prosecution. Trust me, If a cop were on fire, I wouldn't cross the street to piss on him. When I see a cop, I go in the opposite direction. I know that it might be the day when I get arrested, beaten up or shot by one of them, who will claim that I was making an "agressive" move. I think NWA said it best when they said f@*k the police. F@*k the lot of them.

Leslie Parsley said...

I'm just - mostly - quoting what the protester said. ;)

Truth 101 said...

Have to agree on at least a limited basis with Mycue.

I never met a state trooper that wasn't a prick.

Jack Jodell said...

There is no excuse for cops to be pepper-spraying and arresting innocent peaceful demonstrators. Those who behaved like that ARE pricks! ONWARD, OCCUPY WALL STREET! I'll be occupying Minnesota in downtown Minneapolis tomorrow. OCCUPY EVERYWHERE THAT IS RULED BY CORPORATE AMERICA!!!

SJ said...

They are marching up to Washington Sqaure park, possibly today. Zucotti Park is too small.
We can expect more violence from the police unfortunately because the group has grown too large, and there are rumours that that City Hall is desperate for the protests to end... If I can take pics I'll post them.

Hazzy said...

As the movement grows and includes other cities, the inevitable gangs of douche-bags, looking to start trouble for troubles sake, will come. This will just lead to more violence and take away from the message.

SJ said...

@Hazzy, Thankfully there's been little of that here in New York. It's a pretty scary situation, very tense, like the start of the Tompkins Square Park Riots in 1988, except this has been going on for weeks. I just hope it can come to a constructive end. a lot of those folks can't stay out indefinitely as it gets colder.