Saturday, December 31, 2011

Make One Thing Sacrosanct in 2012…

Another year is about to be come an irretrievable part of the past, joining all other years in memory, in the imagination.
It’s customary to make a wish for the coming year, and so I’ll make mine known here. In 2012 I would like a bill proposed to make the camera, whether a video camcorder or a cell phone’s tiny sensor an inviolable and untouchable personal possession.
Every time authorities block a camera’s view, or confiscate a recording device, they do so because they are about to do something they don’t want seen by others… they are about to do something wrong. No police officer, national guardsman, agent… -no one funded by my tax dollars has the right to cover their tracks by stopping someone from recording reality.
It would be great if there were a law on the books that protected the right to record, photograph and expose, -in a sense the right to bear a camera (the way many in America insist laws should protect the right to bear arms.)
Just a thought, just a wish I have for 2012.
Happy New Year.


Leslie Parsley said...
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SJ said...

Leslie Parsley said...
Totally agree. I remember reading that some judge ruled that the police could not take away cameras. This was in response to the Occupiers but can't remember any other details. Anyway it needs to be cast in stone.

Jack Jodell said...

Amen to both of you!

Gwendolyn H. Barry said...

Our civil liberties have been crushed since new years eve. Much is not being 'tolerated' any longer. Who would have thought to see this year pierce time with so many unhappy at the leadership they choose. The way it all wags... the police are acting in very similar strategies everywhere concerning OCCUPY. *sigh* Never the less, Happy New Year (a tad late!) to you guys...SJ and Michael.

SJ said...

Happy New Year to you too Gwen. There's still a lot of living and fighting to be done. I'm dropping by Zuccotti Park again this weekend for the first time in months to take some photos, with MLK day falling on this Monday, it feels appropriate. Too many of us have forgotten that one of Dr. King's last calls to action was a war on poverty.
Take care Gwen, thanks for the well wishes.

Jack Jodell said...

Are you ok, SJ and mycue23? We haven't heard from you guys in way too long a time! We look forward to your return!

Mycue23 said...

Alive and well Jack. SJ has been busy but I've just been lazy. But whether we are posting or not always know that we are on your side and we've got your back. Keep fighting the good fight Jack.

SJ said...

Thanks for asking after us Jack. Mycue's been busy too, -don't let him fool you. I plan to return to the blogs next month once things have calmed down a bit. I'm missing some prime subject matter with the Republican races at the moment... (Santorum is still attacking Climate Change as a hoax? Really?) but I'm sure there'll be enough going on upon returning.
Bless you Jack.
I wish I had 1/4 of your energy and 1/4 of your brains.
I hope you're well.
Take care, I'll talk to you soon.