Thursday, April 04, 2013

Timing is Everything

This week there was outrage about the Monsanto amendment to the funding bill. Apparently the amendment was added to the spending bill anonymously and approved by Congress and signed into law by the President without so much as a committee vote. I actually find the outrage to be outrageous. Since when do our elected officials do anything that isn't motivated by money or power? I'm sure that there was enough money passed around by Monsanto to feed a small country many times over. Our politicians are motivated by greed and by the need to be reelected. There has been a flood of politicians who have all of a sudden found their voice when it comes to gay marriage. Why? Because the polls now show that a majority of Americans now approve it. The President came out in favor of gay marriage after the polls tipped the 50% barrier. Now that the numbers are moving toward 60% , there's a tidal wave of politicians climbing over each other to join the growing chorus. Where were these politicians when state after state voted against gay marriage? Where were they when the polls showed the majority was against gay marriage? I'll tell you where they were; They were sitting on their hands because they didn't want to take a position that might have cost them votes. 

Politicians only respond to a couple of things and doing what is right isn't one of them. It's terrible that a bill that allows genetically altered food to remain on the shelves regardless of pending legal action, was passed by the Congress and then approved by the President. And it's nice that Senators are finally coming on board to support gay rights. In the end it doesn't matter at all. Courage and common sense are severely lacking in Washington. Every decision is made with an eye toward the next election and in gathering the required cash to win that election. So thanks Mr. President, thank you Hillary Clinton and thanks to all the senators who were so "brave" in expressing their support for gay marriage. You guys really went out on a limb. Courage abounds! And as far as the Monsanto amendment goes, the old adage still applies, money talks and bullshit walks.  


Beach Bum said...

I've said it nearly a million times and been generally ignored but our glorious elected leaders are nothing but a reflection of those that put them in office.

You want courage and leadership? Except for the EXTREMELY rare mutant willing to do what is right you ain't going to find it in Washington given its current configuration.

Congress is nothing but a place for games and to believe anything else is possible shows a lack of understanding for reality.

Jack Jodell said...

Your outrage is completely justified and shared as well. Monsanto is the greediest of the greedy, the most despicable of the despicable and the most dishonest of the dishonest for the way they have successfully managed to rape and pollute the earth for their own profit. They are example number one of the evils of present multinational corporations.

SJ said...

I agree with you all obviously, because I'm a human being, and so are all of you.
It's disgusting.
We've been a nation run by a college of corporations for a long while, but the language in this piece of legislation is so nakedly a "f*ck you" to everything the Constitution and the function that government is supposed to represent.
This is only one action, in a decades long erosion of one rule of law, one government for all.
We're all just along for the ride. As George Carlin once famously offered: There's a club in this world, a secret club. It's sets interest rates, it writes the laws, it controls everything important that affects human society and life; and you and I are not members.
So "congratulations Montsanto or however your demonic name is spelled, Thank you for at least openly doing what your ilk do secretly do to our laws and society all the time. At least you used the proper public channels"

Long live the new flesh.