Friday, February 12, 2016

Berning Down the House

I almost never post,  but I felt the need to say something about Bernie Sanders. I like Bernie. I think he is a very valuable voice in the political debate. I think it's great that he's inspiring more young people to get involved in the political process. 

He has crossed a line with me. When you start criticizing this president for what he hasn't done, you make an enemy of me. I have criticized this president for the pace of his actions. I have criticized this president for giving up too much. I have criticized this president for not doing everything that I hoped he would be able to do. HOWEVER, I AM NOT RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT AS A MEMBER OF THE SAME PARTY AS THE SITTING PRESIDENT! I also understand that this president has faced unprecedented opposition from the republican party. I also understand that the same people who would stand up to criticize this president for not getting things done are the same people who sat on their hands as the republicans strengthened their hold on the House and regained control of the Senate. 

Bernie is talking about a revolution taking place because of all the people that he has brought into the process. Is he talking about the same people who only get out and vote in presidential elections and then sit around waiting for all their dreams to come true. Is he talking about the same people who refuse to vote in off year elections because they are just too busy to be bothered. 

Go ahead and criticize all you want Bernie, but there are lots of Democratic voters out there who think rather highly of this president. Go ahead and say how things would be different if you were in office. Go ahead and rely on the army of followers to help you change Washington. Go right ahead and drag this president through the mud, but you do it at your own peril. There exists a coalition of voters that got this president into the White House. Young, white voters certainly represent a portion of those, but if that's all you've got, then good luck to you as you go forward. 

I honestly don't care how nuanced or qualified your criticism is, especially when put in the context of how better you would be at the job of uniting the country. If you think that a northeastern, self proclaimed democratic socialist stands a chance of uniting the country, then you are incredibly delusional. As I said at the beginning, I like Bernie. I know that his heart is in the right place. Attacking this president though, is a misstep of major proportion.

If Bernie does end up as the Democratic nominee for President, I will happily pull the lever for him. I would never vote against my own self interest. Just remember that the last time a democratic nominee tried to distance himself from the outgoing president of his party, he ended up losing by a hanging chad.