Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Dogs of War

The current probes into possible ties between  Russia and the current administration is currently being bathed in the bright lights of the media. Everyday we are continually deluged with stories and talk of investigation tampering and back room deals and the impending explosion of this administration. The fact of the matter is that this couldn't be going any better for President Trump. I can say almost absolute certainty that this investigation will never lead to the removal of the President. Given the current make up of the House, impeachment is off the table for at least 2 years. And given the make up of the Senate, it would impossible to get a 2/3 majority to vote for his removal. I'm not so sure that even Nixon would have lost a vote in the Senate. 

So what do we have? We have a story that provides cover for almost everything else that's going on in Washington. Every other issue has taken a back seat. The Republican leadership in the Senate works in secret on a health care bill that would gut Medicaid, but the bright lights are pointed elsewhere. The President and his team continue to sign executive orders that are dismantling the Obama legacy as if that were his only goal in life. All the issues that we should care about are being affected from education to the climate, but all we hear about is the Russian investigation. 

I am not saying that this investigation is not important, because it is. We should know exactly what the relationship was between the Trump campaign and Russia. We should know if there are business ties that may lead to compromised decisions. However we should not focus on that one topic to the exclusion of everything else. I understand that some on the left go to sleep at night dreaming of Watergate part 2, but our politics have become so fractured that I can't see our elected leaders agreeing on an issue as contentious as impeachment. The President has very loyal supporters who would pounce on any elected Republican who would turn his back on Trump. The thing that politicians care about the most is their own skin. The folks in the House, who face an election every two years, would never even think about placing their own necks on the line for a matter of principle. 

I always think it's possible that Donald Trump might wake up one day and decide that he just doesn't want to do this anymore. Being President is a hard job and he's not particularly fond of doing this kind of work. I never thought that he actually wanted the job in the first place. It was an exercise in brand building gone wrong. I think the only thing that keeps him doing the job is the fact that his ego gets stroked every second of the day. He is the most powerful man in the world and that keeps him in a constant state of arousal. 

Those on the left need to keep their eyes on what's going on everywhere in this administration and not get sidetracked by the shiny object with all the bright lights. That is not where the important decisions are being made. The President is once again playing the left like a puppet. Keep them dancing on a string shouting "impeachment", and keep doing the dirty work outside of the spotlight. As Shakespeare so appropriately put it, "cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war". 


SJ said...

A more surreal, unbelievable presidential term cannot be imagined or invented by the best satirical writers. Half a year in, and this administration is more active, (however internecine or pointless a manner) than any administration in my lifetime; that they are moving toward the oppression and personal ruin of everyone in America with less than 5 million dollars in liquid assets still seems lost on the bulk of his supporters, too many of whom rank among the nation's poor, unemployed, underemployed, and uneducated. What's staggering is the scale of all the wrongdoing and ratf#cking—and the brazen lying.
Nobody (and I mean nobody) is happy about this year's developments save the idiots who still don't see that there's no end, no bottom in sight...
Thanks for this piece Mycue23.

Mycue23 said...

Unfortunately it seems like people can't see past the tip of their noses. It's not about policy or the good of the people. It's about the win. That's what politics is about now. It's a game of win or lose. Not good or bad. Not sensible or insane. We won, so you guys can go screw yourselves. Oh, I'm losing my health insurance. So, we won! Oh our public schools are going to shit? So, we won! Our President is a laughing stock around the world? Screw them, we Won!
Sad state of affairs my friend. I just don't see it getting any better.

Beach Bum said...

...Donald Trump might wake up one day and decide that he just doesn't want to do this anymore.

I agree, Trump's ego will not let him resign and they crawl back under his rock located somewhere in his crappy New York hotel. What worries me is that not only will he not resign, even as the ethical and criminal issues mount, but that in revenge he might somehow decide to burn down the country.

Not sure what that would entail, but there is just no way in hell Trump will go quietly.