Thursday, April 17, 2008

Phiasco in Philly

The Democratic "debate" last night highlighted everything that is wrong with the supposed journalists who are in charge of giving us the news. During a 2 hour debate, that was filled with commercial breaks, the moderators spent the first hour questioning the candidates about issues that have nothing to do with helping the American people. They actually spent time that should have been spent on real issues discussing what Obama's stance is on wearing a flag pin on his lapel. WTF!!!!*!$#!@@!??? Does anyone of any intelligence actually question Obama's patriotism? Does the wearing or not wearing of a flag pin somehow make someone a better or worse politician? Does this help get our soldiers out of Iraq? Does this help bring down gas prices? Does this help people afford health care??

How dare ABC, the home of Ted Koppel, allow such a disservice to be perpetrated upon the voters of this country. It is an example of tabloid journalism at its worst. Their basic premise was, "we'll get to the issues that actually affect America eventually, but could you answer this series of asinine questions first?". The American people deserved better.

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