Friday, February 19, 2010

What Will They Say?

Yesterday’s litany of lies coming from the GOP’s CPAC were not novel in and of themselves, nor was their degree, or their nakedness anything special. It is to be expected that elites out of touch and removed from their professed ideals and goals would also insist on being a safe distance from reality. Reality is not pretty for today’s Republican Party. But that’s fitting, because the rest of the world has had to live with the mess they made for over a decade while they denied it and lied about it.

Apparently, some right wing politicians still don’t accept that nobody’s convinced they don’t bear the blame for country’s woes. Some in the right wing electorate just line up to hear newer, bolder lies with rapt attention, listening for something, some detail or dangling participle they can use to make themselves feel good about just how bad things are. After all, how do you tell an entire voting block that the last eight years were a mistake, -when they voted you in?
It would mean Republicans conceding the truth about deceptions, hypocrisies and ineptitude, -and in a manner of speaking laying the blame squarely at the feet of the unquestioning average Republican voter:
-who never complained about spending when the deficit was sky rocketing under George W. Bush.
-who never seemed to notice that the size of Government was growing under Republican control and influence.
-who trusted the capabilities of an administration that allowed the deadliest, costliest attack on the nation in its entire history.

A bright example of the right’s profound state of denial is a figure like Dick Armey, whose activities in tandem with lobbyists should cost him the price of admission to any association or relationship with an allegedly “grass roots” movement such as the Tea Baggers. Armey delegitimizes any attempt at raising the notions freedom and “rights” to the fore. At CPAC Armey said, as if directly speaking to President Obama: “You're intellectually shallow. You're a romantic. You're self-indulgent. You have no ability…" Armey called President Obama "the most incompetent president perhaps in our lifetime." After only one year in office to go on, Armey's "opinion" would appear highly unlikely, to even an idiot with no memory.

I have an opinion of my own, based upon years of observing Mr. Armey as an avergae citizen:

Dick Armey is nothing but a well practiced liar, playing to a captive audience, spouting nonsense behind closed doors to a friendly crowd eager to hear their worst nightmare, a Black president, called “arrogant,” “self-righteous” and other silly code words that are place holders for uppity nigger.

I have to confess, I am glad this bloated liar has lived to see a Black man in the White House.
To Mr. Armey I say: “Sorry Dick, the bigots and bums in your party lost in 2008. Go cry at Senator Helms’s gravesite you elitist fat cat of a shill.

We the people, all of us who insist on being told the truth, the facts, and not some cock-and-bull story about our own country's greatness, won that victory in 2008:
Men, Women, White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, Gay, the middle class, the poor and not so poor, all of us,
-Americans won and Dick Armey lost.

So eat it, Dick.

But my smugness is tempered. Laughing at liars only gets you so far.

The Associated Press ran a story yesterday on the CPAC speeches that all but lent authority to some of the more ludicrous nonsense spoken by Liz Cheney and others, -as if a lie offered as an opinion somehow deserved the same time and respect as a fact.

I wonder what historians, the ultimate arbiters of reality for future generations, will say.
What will the textbooks of the future say?
-That the performance of the Bush Administration is a matter of opinion? That there are different sets of truths? -One reactionary, -one populist, -one skeptical yet others more self professedly “correct?”

Saying something doesn’t make it so. Believing something doesn’t make it so.

Everyone in America knows the GOP’s policies wrecked the country over a period of many years. Some of us in America just don’t want to believe it, -and will believe anything else instead.

Thankfully the facts do not require belief, just acceptance.
…Well that, and a historian principled enough to record them as they happened.
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Gwendolyn H. Barry said...

I know SJ, it's fucking infuriating! And laying blame where it belongs... or taking responsibility for their screw ups is generically impossible for politicians... but Republicans require a degree in it. Their asses are showing. Though I am warmed to understand that I am not the only one who is pitching a bitch on the tv screen at night...:-) Good post SJ. I think if the Democrats somehow DO pass HCR w/ public option by reconcillation (aw, hell, no editor & i don't spell) well, we might have a real ball game again...? Do I dream?

TRUTH 101 said...

Loyalty is a fickle thingGwendolyn. I to would like to see reconciliation used to pass a progressive agenda that benefits all Americans. I have my doubts that even 51 Senate Democrats could be found when it's time to stand up for real change.

Sue said...

fabulous SJ!! Come on guys, I am totally convinced the PO will be in the HC bill and it will pass thru reconciliation! As for CPAC and those fuckin lying scumbags and the slimeballs who applaud them, they are going down because this is OUR year. Things will improve I believe, you need to believe too!

MadMike said...

I think I'm going to stick to blog building and maintenance. This other stuff is far too high-brow and infuriating for me. It makes my BP soar....

Holte Ender said...

When Bush left office he still had support, still had 20% plus of voters he thought he was doing a great job, now 20% out of a hundred is not that much, but it's still millions of people, 10s of millions in fact and they are the ones who are doing all the shouting, making all the noise, telling all the lies, saying they speak for "the American people".

They have the media's attention, because they are loud and outrageous and well coached. We must move past these people, call them on their lies and keep plodding on.

This is what I tell myself ever day.

SJ said...

That's a big problem for me Gwen, the media won't call these statemenst what they are, because afraid to be called biased by partisan Republicans.
It's a bunch of horse shit.

Yes. Agreed, Mycue23 has said over and over again to me that Reconciliation should be used as the first means as passing meaningful reform. Let the GOP then reach out after that beating.

Ditto. The GOP supporters and Tea Baggers can choose to have short and flawed memories, but we can't. Time ti make them pay in spades come the mid term elections.

those percentages always scare the crap out of me, and you're right of course, they represent millions when you think about the fact that we are a nation of 300 million.

In closing, Dick Armey is a liar and a hypocrit and his supporters are a bunch of suckers.